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ASME (Access & Security Middle East) are Authorized Regional Distributors of an exclusive range of electronic security solutions for the Middle East and North Africa. Our product portfolio consists of medium to high-end Access Control, Biometrics, Long Range Readers, ANPR, Card Printers, CCTV Cameras & NVR's, Video Management Software, GSM & WiFi Intercoms, and Visitor Management Systems.

ASME offers world-class service, after-sales support and the ability to service projects across the region. Our successful track record proves we deliver ideal solutions that meet and exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations, whilst assisting in generating higher revenues and better protecting our client’s assets.

We supply into over 20 countries across the MENA region including Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.


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Our team is not only passionate about our products, but also focused on providing excellent service and integrated electronic security solutions in the MENA region.  

 ASME solutions are installed across public and private organizations, commercial buildings, residential, government, retail, healthcare, petrochemical and hospitality sectors.

access control systems

Access Control

ASME’s access control systems range from securing a single door to a networked solution covering a whole building or a group of buildings. The value of our systems remains in their design, integration, and software development capabilities needed to make a ‘turnkey’ system based on readers, cards and other system components.



More secure than traditional recognition systems, biometrics requires a secure operation of each of the four stages of the biometric identification process, namely – enrolment, storage, acquisition and matching and is mainly applied for four purposes: law enforcement, physical access control (including border control), logical access control to information systems and convenience.

GSM & WiFi Intercoms

GSM & WiFi Intercoms

AES Global have been manufacturing GSM wire free intercom systems since 2007. As a multi award winning company, AES are widely recognised as one of the leading forces globally in wireless access control and offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty on all its products.

Card Printers

Access Card Printers

Fargo is the world's broadest portfolio of advanced generation ID card printers and encoders. HID’s ID card and badge printers are available with a wide range of features and functions. Find the printer that exactly meets your security level, volume, and aesthetic needs.



ASME’s focus is on designing our CCTV systems is around our customers' application, taking into consideration the customers’ previous experience, coverage area’s, pre and post monitoring requirements and recording time required. The type of camera, equipment, and recorders are dependant on customer applications and ASME will assist with system design according to individual requirements.

Video Management Software

Video Management Software

Cathexis offers Video Management System (VMS) / IP Video Management Software and video security solutions to satisfy all surveillance requirements. Sophisticated features and integrations that empower security systems across a wide variety of market sectors.

Access Control Accessories

Access Control Accessories

Our range includes an extensive range of access control accessories to support your access control installation needs.

We offer a choice of easy-to-install and seamlessly integrated door hardware, locks & brackets designed to work with our access control systems.

Long Range Readers

Hands Free Vehicle & Pedestrian Access

Long range vehicle and pedestrian solutions play a central role in a security solution and our vehicle and driver identification systems are based on tried-and-tested high-frequency technology. 

This enables fast, convenient and secure vehicle access for authorized vehicles and drivers.

Visitor Management Solutions

Solutions aimed at enhancing community lifestyles. We do this by applying state-of-the-art technology to find innovative solutions, that improves both community management efficiency and the overall community living experience.

Wireless Locks

Wireless Locks

The heart of Aperio is a short-distance, wireless communication protocol, designed to link an online electronic access system with an Aperio enabled mechanical lock. Any number of existing doors can be equipped at a much lower cost than installing the regular electronic access system on every door. Aperio is easily integrated with most units and systems, regardless of the manufacturer, since it has been developed around an open standard. It is easy to install and enhances both the management and surveillance of the complete system. 

vertical markets including:  Commercial Buildings, Finance / Banking, Education, Residential, Retail / Distribution, Healthcare, Government / Military, Transportation, Leisure / Hospitality, Petrochemical, Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure.

ASME’s solutions are used across a wide range of vertical markets including:

Commercial Buildings, Finance / Banking, Education, Residential, Retail / Distribution, Healthcare, Government / Military, Transportation, Leisure / Hospitality, Petrochemical, Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure.

Technical Services

We recognize that our service is a vital resource to our customers! Our advanced technology, products and services, backed by our robust pre and after sales structures and comprehensive technical support provides the installer and end user with complete piece of mind.

 Our client services include:

  • System Diagnostics, System Maintenance, Issue Resolution & Cloud based solutions. 

  • Post Warranty Service Options under Service Level Agreement. 

  • 24/7 Help Desk and support – on-site, telephonic, email, remote assistance (via TeamViewer). 


​Tel: +971 488 72595                Email:

Physical: Office 142, Building A3, Dubai World Central, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

​Postal: ASME DWC-LLC, PO Box 712717, Dubai South, UAE




​Phone: +971 488 72595


Address: Office 142, 1st Floor, Building A3, Dubai World Central Business Park, Dubai South, United Arab Emirates

​Postal: ASME DWC-LLC, PO Box 712717, Dubai South, United Arab Emirates

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