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Easy to Install - Access Control

We’ve packaged all the equipment you need to quickly and easily install an access control solution for up to four doors, in one easy to carry box.

Access in a Box comes with your cluster controller and reader module pre-wired and housed in a secure metal enclosure, along with a Meanwell switching power supply.


You’ll also find four S-Series readers and 10 S-Series credentials.

Just add your cabling and locking accessories and you’re ready to go!


It’s as easy as 1,2 and 3

  1.   Bring power to the metal enclosure and wire up the readers

  2.   Connect the controller to your network

  3.   Configure your doors and users

That’s it.  You don’t even need a computer as all the software to operate your system is built into the controller.

Access control

Rich in Features - Access Control

Secure it with S-Series

Access in a Box comes complete with our robust and secure S-Series solution. The added benefit is one reader module can manage up to four readers, making it highly cost effective too.

  • Secure: our anti-cloning credentials (tags) remove the worry about cloned cards. Our metal enclosure also comes equipped with a lock and anti-tamper protection.

  • Control: through Access in a Box you control who can access your premises and when.  No more worries about lost or copied keys.

  • Mobility: access your system no matter the time or location, simply by logging in through a web browser.

Access Control

 Access Control - Downloads


Access Control

Installation manual

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