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Access Portal S Series

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S-Series - Anti Cloning Access Control

Anti Cloning Access Control

WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION … Our new S-Series range of access control is all about making things simpler and quicker for you.


True plug-and-play hardware quickly clips together for rapid expansion – no additional wiring needed.

Three-core cable for the readers – quicker installation, which means less time on site.

Readers can be installed up to 150m from the cluster and module – greater flexibility to meet your customer needs, without masses of additional hardware.

Wire up the readers in a multitude of ways – daisy chain, multi-drop, star and more.


Massive cost savings by being able to use one cluster, with one module to manage 4 APB doors (8 readers).

Three-core cable is significantly cheaper and can be quickly and easily accessed from any electrical store.

Time on site is reduced, meaning less cost.


Customer doesn’t want to pay for software? No problem, Access Portal Basic is free of charge .

Customer hasn’t got a computer? Order the cluster controller with an LCD and no computer is necessary.

Customer is worried about cloning of cards? Security is assured through Impro’s proprietary anti-cloning card technology, which means nobody can copy the card and put the business at risk!

Anti Cloning Access Control


Impro Technologies’ S-Series comprises cost effective hardware that seamlessly operates
on the Access Portal management software, to provide a holistic access control system.

The S-Series is ideal for cost sensitive markets as up to eight SIR readers can operate from
one single module – making it one of the most price competitive solutions in the market.

Installation efficiency is assured through the simple plug-and-play design of the hardware,
coupled with the ability to hot-swap modules, without impacting on the system – simply unplug and replace. 

The use of three-core cabling for the S-Series further reduces costs and installation time.

The S-Series quickly and easily scales to meet growing business requirements, as
the modular design allows for additional controllers and modules to be effortlessly
added as needed.

This scalability makes it ideal for business of all sizes, from two doors to 2,000+ doors.
The system also allows for extensive flexibility when undertaking an installation, as the
readers can be installed up to 150m from the module, while controllers can be connected
on either RS485 or TCP/IP for increased distance.


The S-Series offers a variety of configuration options to meet every customer’s needs. The units are available in plastic housing, or pre-wired within a secure metal enclosure for added security. The controller has an optional LCD touchscreen with embedded software which
is ideal for smaller businesses that require a stand-alone system, whilst the non-LCD version is suited to those with a computer or server infrastructure.

The system also offers the ability to remotely connect 24-hours a day through your smartphone, tablet or PC, ensuring you always have control, no matter where in theworld you’re situated.

The system hardware comprises of a cluster controller, S4 reader module, SIR reader and S-Card encrypted tags. The software is either embedded in the controller, or installed onto a PC/server depending on the installation size.

Anti Cloning Access Control

S-Series - Anti Cloning Access Control Cards

A key feature of the S-Series is the use of secure technology that provides enhanced protection against card cloning. 

Many traditional tag technologies have been compromised which may result in unauthorized users accessing the premises.

With Impro Technologies’ 125kHz RFID tags this risk is reduced due to the proprietary
communication protocol used, which gives increased peace of mind.

The system further encrypts communication between the hardware components of the
reader, module and controller, for added security.

End-of-line sensing provides additional protection against tampering of cables, and an alert can be automatically sent should an event occur.

Anti Cloning Access Control
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