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Advanced Electronic Solutions(AES) Global has been in the security industry since 2005, and has been manufacturing GSM wire free intercom systems since 2007.

As a multi award winning company, Advanced Electronic Solutions are widely recognised as one of the leading forces globally in wireless access control and offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty on all its products.


Intercoms - DECT 603 Digital Communications

DECT 603

  • Up to 500 meters open field range!

  • Working range of 200 meters through 1 exterior concrete, brick or stone wall.

  • Up to 4 handsets / indoor units per system.

  • Build in voicemail feature to record missed callers at your door or gate (playback from handset).

  • Intercall between handsets.

  • 2 year warranty.


CellcomPrime GSM Intercoms

Cellcom Prime

  • GSM Audio intercom system.

  • GSM intercom for unlimited range access control.

  • Optional mobile application.

  • 100% Marine grade BS316 stainless steel.

  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty.

  • IP56 rated.


WiFi Predator 2 Video Intercoms

WiFi Predator 2

  • Simple setup by mobile phone.

  • Connect to the intercom directly through your phone’s Wi-Fi, enter the pass code for the home hub Wi-Fi and the device is connected.

  • Full duplex speech.

  • 2 relay output.

  • Latching outputs for hold open.

  • CAT5 terminal port for easy hard wire option.

  • Upgraded camera with IR cut filter for better colour by day and IR night vision by night.

  • Still works locally on Wi-Fi network even if broadband goes down.

  • Can work with most market standard outdoor Wi-Fi repeaters for extended range.


4G Predator 2 Video Intercoms

4G Predator 2


  • 4G version of the fastest growing AES product, the Predator Video Intercom.

  • Connects to 4G network with 4G compatible SIM (not included).

  • No need for Wi-Fi connectivity. Totally independent from home network.

  • Easy plug and play setup with same app as Wi-Fi version.

  • Simply connect both devices together via Ethernet cable (supplied), connect power and log on with provided credentials.

  • Complete with 24V dc PSU (for intercom), and POE adaptor (for modem).

  • 100 calls per ½ gb of data (based on 30 second calls).


Multi Button Apartment Intercoms


  • GSM Apartment Intercom.

  • Calls up to 3 numbers per apartment.

  • High security key access.

  • 2 Relay Outputs.

  • Up to 500 apartments can be stored in the unit.

  • Programmable by SMS text, PC USB link or onscreen with keypad.

  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty.


DECT 705 Wireless Video Intercoms

DECT 705

  • Wireless video intercom system for gates.

  • Longest range Rf video intercom in the world, working range 200 metres (450m open field).

  • Unique technology combining 2.4GHz digital & DECT 1.88GHz digital signals.

  • Colour camera with infrared night vision capability.

  • Long range antenna as standard.

  • Gate / Door release relay built in.

  • Optional keypad for access control.


SLIM Wired Intercom System



  • Wired audio intercom system.

  • Simple install - 2 wires for communication, 2 for gate/door release, 2 for power.

  • Up to 4 handsets per system.

  • Curved profile stylish handset.

  • 150m typical cabled range using twisted pair cables.

  • Standard 12V dc powered system.

Stylus Smart Intercom System


  • Wired Intercom system.

  • Combines access control and CCTV in one system.

  • SD Card records stills of visitors/missed callers.

  • Option to connect external camera to speech panel for certain applications.

  • Easy to wire monitor with wall mounted connection panel.


DECT 703 Apartment Intercoms

DECT 703

  • Digital D.E.C.T wireless intercom system for flats, apartments or shared gate entrances.

  • Up to 4 call buttons, each button calling a different handset.

  • Working range of 100 metres through concrete (up to 400 metres open field conditions).

  • 1 handset per property or apartment.

  • Keypad option for coded access.

  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty.







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