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Advanced Security Solutions for Airports and Aviation

Secure every area of your airport environment

commercial security systems

Our innovative and industry-leading technology helps airports and aviation facilities face unique challenges head-on as they manage internal airport personnel, customs agents, security teams, and passengers

In the fast-moving world of aviation, you can rely on our integrated security management system as the operational solution for your airport.

Modern airports manage multiple entities, and a powerful airport security management system helps airports to run more effectively in terms of both cost and operations. It encompasses all the core software features with a host of additional functions that have been designed for airports to run more effectively.  

Flexibility, reliability, and resilience are key factors in its suitability for security in an aviation environment. Our analytics-centric VMS shows security personnel the video they need to quickly address any issues.

We offer high-quality Security solutions that fulfill any airport requirement and help improve efficiencies and business operations in addition to providing high levels of security.


  • Airports and Airport Links

  • Aerospace and Aviation Companies

  • Passenger segregation areas

  • Car parking facilities

  • Airside Operational areas, Air-bridge monitoring, airside gates control

  • Landside boundaries and perimeter protection

  • Air Traffic Control Towers and associated remote buildings

  • Baggage Handling Systems

  • Check-in desks and Luggage Carousels

  • Retail and Vendor Management

Powerful CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Airports and Aviation

Our advanced Video Management Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security, operational and infrastructure management requirements.

Airport security has also evolved to the point where must meet the comfort and needs of passengers and provide optimal operational efficiency for airport vendors. Enhanced surveillance technologies such as a powerful open platform Video Management System (VMS) have become a critical component for airport security and operations.

Airport security management must continuously review security procedures to meet constantly evolving new threats and challenges and we can assist in playing a key role in leveraging surveillance for security and operational management.

Meeting Airports and Aviation CCTV Surveillance Requirements

  • Enterprise scalable

  • Analytics-based video management for quick searches

  • Flexible, distributed video solutions

  • Integrated solutions for more intelligent security responses to airport systems

  • Event and action management capability to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the management environment.

  • Real-time notifications to the operators of certain activities to assist in making decisions and actions to take.   











Third-Party Integration Requirements for Airports and Aviation  Baggage Handling Systems

  • Integration of traditional surveillance security to help mitigate the risk of lost baggage by integrating surveillance technology with Video Management Software to monitor and respond to alarms triggered.

  • Video Analytics plays a key role in notifying the control room of any abnormal or suspicious activity, so that immediate and predetermined actions can be taken.

  • Advanced Video Search Features offer a sophisticated suite of tools that dramatically speed up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage by eliminating the need to review irrelevant footage.

  • Adjacent Camera Mapping offers simple and accurate

  • Camera selection, streamlining the process to follow people or specific incidents taking place on-site, by eliminating the need to remember camera names and locations in a crisis.

Retail and Vendor Management

  • Retail operations at airports come with a unique set of challenges, which are now easier to manage with world-class VMS Surveillance software to provide a dual purpose through security and operational efficiency.

  • We offer a range of Video Analytics, which are specific to retail and restaurant management, including Smart Video Motion Detection, Queue Length Analysis, Traffic Direction, Abandoned Object Analysis, and Post Object Search.

  • The Point of Sale (POS) integration provides a full database of all POS transactions and associated video footage. A user-friendly interface allows easy viewing of cameras associated with specific checkout counters.

  • With Intelligent Data Mining, a database search engine allows users to find specific transactions or groups of transactions easily, and to play back the transactions synchronized with the associated video footage.

Perimeter Protection

  • Integrating with perimeter protection security systems (Thermal IP cameras microwave, fibre, and radar) provides a central security hub for control room operators to manage the entire perimeter and keep unauthorized individuals away from runways, taxiways, aircraft, and other airport infrastructure.

  • These perimeters are extensive in size, irregular in shape, and often located in remote areas with poor lighting and visibility. This makes them easy targets for security breaches.



  • Parking Management control systems, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Intercom integration, and Video Analytics, to identify unauthorized entry, vehicle tracking and prevent parking payment fraud

  • ANPR software allows for the identification and capturing of number plate information via cameras and databases.

  • This provides 24/7 access to users who can compare images captured to blacklists or whitelists and take immediate appropriate action against these comparisons. The ANPR feature is well-suited to any parking/ access control application with its proven high-performance capability.

CCTV and Video Management Features

  • Multi-Area control room management - sophisticated control room environment to facilitate simultaneous management of multiple areas within the airport, thereby creating an extremely effective and efficient solution.

  • A full user-managed alarm management facility enables the effective handling of alarms and events and logs all actions taken by operators and allows managers to generate reports for ongoing system optimization.

  • Alarm Management - Events or alarms can be triggered from many different sources, including Video Analytics (either server or camera-based), Physical inputs, Triggers from 3rd party systems (like Fire Panels, Intrusion Panels, Access control systems, ANPR, etc.), Technical alarms (e.g., camera failures, failover) and User triggers.

  • Camera Actions - can then be taken on the triggers received and may include switching a camera to a selected area on the video wall, moving a PTZ camera to a selected zone, playing tones in the control room or elsewhere in the facility, sending a notification to the control room alarm management client, sending an SMS or email to select recipients, switching output (e.g., warning light, siren), and controlling a 3rd party system

  • Advanced Video search tools - enable operators to quickly and efficiently find the relevant video and data associated with the specific events to facilitate immediate responses.

  • Retail and Vendor Management - Video Analytics, Third Party Systems Integration, People Counting, Point of Sale

  • Video Analytics include Activity trails, Motion search, Snap-search, Timeline search, and database mining. Adjacent Camera Mapping, Intercom systems integration, and integration with process control systems.

  • IP Camera Support with Upgradable Architecture

  • Advanced Features - Health Monitoring, Diagnostics, Failover, Video Wall, and Access Rights Management

  • Third-Party Systems Integration

  • High Security against cyber threats

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Effective Access Control Solutions for Airports and Aviation

Innovative access control technology to securing critical airport security.

The flexibility and high quality of our solutions are key factors in their suitability for the aviation environment.
Our software and hardware are highly flexible to meet project needs for integration or customization. The core software features a powerful system with a host of additional functions that have been specifically designed for airports. For mission-critical hardware, our reliable and resilient solution is highly innovative and reflects the latest in security to protect the gateways of the world.

Meeting Airports and Aviation Access Control Requirements

  • Manage access throughout the airport and prevent unauthorized access to secure areas

  • Manage the flow of passengers, temporary cardholders, and baggage through access points inside the airport

  • Provide command and control for airport security, law enforcement, and airport management personnel

  • Manage vehicle flow and control vehicle access

  • Manage lift control of common use passenger lifts

  • Enhance overall safety throughout the airport

  • Air-bridge monitoring card readers to ensure that only authorized and trained personnel operates them.


Access Control Features:

  • High-level Integration - for alarm management and multiple airport security systems; including access control, ID card printers, wireless locks, video, intrusion, fire, perimeter detection, and more.

  • Scalability - supports unlimited cardholders and doors, featuring virtually unlimited expansion capabilities, ideal for airports that are sizable and subject to continuous growth over time.

  • Highly stable operating system - Hot standby/ redundant server and operator workstations

  • Intelligent hardware - controllers, 3rd party Wiegand readers, Enrollment workstation with Camera, Wireless locks, Input/output controllers, up to 16 inputs & 16 outputs (Optional)

  • Highly customizable - advanced reporting, temporary cardholders, and vehicle management.

  • Green initiatives - all equipment can be controlled and monitored for cost efficiency purposes.

  • Airport link - Airports owned by the same operator can be linked and networked allowing valid cardholders to go from one airport to another and use the same ID card at each airport.

  • Integrated biometrics - control access where an additional layer of security is required around the airport via fingerprint or face biometric.

  • Portable readers - intelligent handheld fingerprint and card readers offer airports a quick way of providing temporary guard checkpoints for random security spot checks.

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