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The application controller is a powerful addition to our range of products. The device is an open source Linux-based computer that brings powerful computing in a small, sleek unit.

Two variations are available, an Access Portal device and an OEM unit. The Access Portal version is ideal for large installations, especially multi-sites, as the device has the capacity to manage over one million tagholders and 10 million buffered transactions. A single controller is able to manage multiple zones, as well as a host of Access Portal cluster controllers, giving you a high level of flexibility and control. Within larger sites, multiple application controllers are used to effectively ensure distributed control, which removes the risk of a single-point of failure, resulting in enhanced uptime. Security is enhanced as the application controller is an independent device that replaces the traditionally used X86 PC platform. This ensures greater control over the applications installed on the device. As an OEM device, the unit provides developers with the ability to create custom software, such as time and attendance or parking solutions, with high availability and housed within a single unit.The application controller includes an Ethernet port, USB, as well as a RS485 port with automatic line-turnaround to allow for the control of other devices. The full power of Debian 8 Linux is available to application developers through the use of a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor, and comes standard with a Python 2.7 interpreter. Onboard diagnostics are also available and the unit has the capability to undertake remote firmware downloads for greater convenience. An additional feature is that the unit can provide alerts if the device is being tampered with, and is available with a touchscreen LCD.







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