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UTP patch cord, 1m
(PP-12-1m) - UTP patch cable c5e , 1m, DATACOM

UTP patch cord, 1m.png

UTP patch cord, 20m
(PP-12-20m) - UTP patch cable c5e , 20m, GEMBIRD

UTP patch cord, 20m.jpg

UTP patch cord, 50m
(PP-12-50m) - UTP patch cable c5e , 50m, GEMBIRD

UTP patch cord, 50m.jpg

UTP cable GEMBIRD CAT5e CCA (305m)

UTP cable GEMBIRD CAT5e CCA (305m).jpg

UTP cable CAT5e Cu (305m), Solarix

UTP cable CAT5e Cu (305m), Solarix.jpg

RJ45 (8P8C) сat5. - Connector 8P8C  for twisted pair (cat5). 100pcs pack.


RJ45 (8P8C) сat6. - Connector 8P8C with cable terminal for twisted pair (cat6). 100pcs pack.

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