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Cathexis offers Video Management System (VMS) / IP Video Management Software and video security solutions to satisfy all surveillance requirements. Sophisticated features and integrations that empower security systems across a wide variety of market sectors.

CathexisVision Software Features

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Integrate various security and business solutions into a centralised video management solution.

  • Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC)

  • Amazingly fast camera setup times. Copy a default configuration to as many site cameras as required.

  • CatObserver

  • Record all the activity of a clients computer screen as a virtual camera.

  • Failover

  • Maintaining your recordings and video management setup in the event of any site failures.

  • I.P Cameras

  • Supports most popular brands of IP cameras.

  • Off-site and Multi-site Monitoring

  • Easy setup from a centralised management system to anywhere across the globe.

  • Setup Wizards

  • Quick and easy installations. Logical guides through the entire setup process.

  • Video Analytics

  • Advanced analytics for movement and object detection, loitering, speed, line-crossing and much more.

  • Video Wall

  • Intelligent management of video displayed on multiple monitors for control room environments.

Advanced Features

Access Rights Management

Large sites often require multiple control rooms and tiers of management. Therefore, for effective site management it is important to control the access levels of the various users. CathexisVision software offers multiple levels of users each with a unique username and password. Administrators can manage users across the site, or across multiple sites, from a central location.

Advanced Video Search

The CathexisVision Advanced Video Search Features offer a sophisticated suite of tools that dramatically speed up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage. Users can setup specific searches that will eliminate the need to review irrelevant footage, saving ample time and significantly improving the overall security of the entire system.

Alarm Management

The CathexisVision Alarm Manager software provides this interface with complete alarm logs and the ability to “escalate” alarms to supervisors. A comprehensive reporting facility is included in the software. Similarly, when monitoring multiple sites from a central location, the alarm manager receives alarms from the various sites and provides an automatic connection to the sites initiating the alarm. Alarm video previews with pre- and post-event clips can be automatically downloaded and archived at the control room.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Also known as LPR (License Plate Recognition), we make use of a Character Recognition Algorithm through which the license plate details of vehicles can be identified. The sophisticated algorithm has been proven in more than 200 countries and works with both standard visible light cameras and specialised ANPR cameras, depending on the requirements and the environment.

Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC)

Our CPC feature makes it easy to apply camera settings across multiple cameras. Settings like multiple video streams, resolutions, frame rates, bitrates and others are easily copied and pasted from one reference camera to as many of your site’s cameras as you wish, thereby reducing site setup times significantly.


Our mobile device applications enable you to remotely view cameras from your mobile device. CatMobile enables you to view up to four cameras simultaneously, review recorded footage from selected cameras and control PTZ cameras from the user interface. We also perform automatic scaling of video resolution to suit the bandwidth available to your phone. CatMobile easily enables you to connect to multiple sites wherever you may be in the world.


CatObserver is a feature that enables a selected viewing monitor to be configured as a “virtual camera” so that all the activity viewed on this computer screen is recorded. Advantages include easy archiving and access to all that an operator has viewed during an incident without having to archive or access multiple cameras’ footage.


The CathexisVision design tools assist you to design the best solutions for your application.


CathexisVision has an extremely powerful diagnostics suite. Apart from our already powerful “health monitoring”, we provide tools to assist the installers to analyse the whole system environment, both in real time and historically. Monitoring such parameters as network camera video streaming performance, recording bitrates, live viewing statistics, and network throughput, enables our partners to easily troubleshoot problems on-site. This provides real intelligence on the technical integrity of the solution.

Dynamic Video Stream Selection (DVSS)

CathexisVision uses Dynamic Video Stream Selection (DVSS) to optimise the displaying of live video on video wall monitors. Intelligent selection of the matched video stream to the display resolution of the monitor is achieved by selecting the camera video stream with the lowest resolution that matches the display area on the selected video monitor whilst maintaining the maximum possible pixel density of the displayed image.

Event and Action Management

The CathexisVision software offers intelligent configuration of events and the actions that can be initiated in response to these events.


Events can be triggered from inputs, video analytics, or integrated third-party system triggers. Rules-based configuration enables automatic responses associated with these specific events to be performed, including switching cameras to monitors, sending emails, controlling relay outputs, sending alarms to a control room, playing audio clips and many others.


CathexisVision provides complete redundancy by way of its elegant failover feature. This ensures that if any recording and video management server fails on a site, a “failover server” will automatically perform the tasks of the failed server. To add to this, when the failed server is replaced, all configuration and recorded footage will be automatically ported back to the replacement server. This ensures that your site runs seamlessly through the whole process.

Health Monitoring

We regard system “up-time” as paramount. The Cathexis Health Manager provides real-time analysis of the system and can be configured to send alarms to selected recipients if problems are detected. Camera failures, hard drive analysis, environmental conditions, communication integrity, software errors, and many more parameters are monitored to provide peace of mind. The software also provides full reporting capability to enable you to generate system status reports.

IP Camera Support

CathexisVision supports most popular brands of IP cameras using both ONVIF and proprietary protocols via a true UPnP interface. Integration includes multiple video streams, audio, input/output control, on-camera (Edge) video analytics as well as 360 and 180 degree “fisheye” camera de-warping algorithms.

Map Interface

Cathexis’s maps feature multi-layered, hierarchical, interactive interfaces. This provides representation, and control, of a site and its resources. These resources include cameras, input/output devices, access control doors, alarm/fire panel points, and more, all displayed on a graphical interface. The map also provides the ability to represent, and control, preset PTZ dome positions from the GUI; drag-and-drop cameras from the map to selected monitors; control selected integrated third party systems.

Multi-server Site Management

The CathexisVision Premium software provides a true site based management infrastructure, with multiple recording and viewing servers, cameras, and storage all being managed from a centralised location. The easy-to-use graphical user interface provides the operator with seamless access to cameras and resources anywhere on or off site.

Off-site and Multi-site Monitoring

The CathexisVision site management software provides authentic remote client system management. This includes performing all system functions from set-up to viewing, reviewing and system management, from anywhere across the globe. We provide many compression techniques to provide efficient streaming of video across limited bandwidth infrastructures.

Setup Wizards

To make setup easier, and reduce the probability of error, Cathexis has introduced new setup “Wizards”. These wizards logically guide clients through the setup process for cameras, databases, recording, analytics, events and event actions.

Storage Solutions

CathexisVision provides flexible storage solutions that can be tailored to suit client requirements. Multiple databases situated on recording servers, or at network addressed storage (NAS) areas, enable clients to maximise storage effectiveness.

Third Party Systems Integration

Third party systems such as alarm and fire panels, access control, point-of-sale, building and plant management systems, and perimeter monitoring equipment can be integrated with the Cathexis software to provide an extremely powerful single user interface, with video verification of events that occur on these systems. Rules-based actions can then be initiated from the event data

Upgradeable Architecture

The architecture of the CathexisVision software provides clients with the flexibility to upgrade and expand their system or add features whenever necessary. So, whether the camera population needs to expand, the recording servers need to increase, or more features are required, the CathexisVision solution is easily upgradable to meet the new demands.

Video Analytics

CathexisVision provides its own analytics suite as well as the facility to integrate on-camera (Edge) analytics. Algorithms provided by Cathexis include a multi-zone “SMART” learning motion detection algorithm, abandoned or removed object detection, loitering, speed, direction, line crossing, queue length analysis and object counting. Our user friendly interface allows you to easily configure the algorithms, using both live and recorded video footage.

Video Wall

Cathexis offers Remote Monitoring service providers an exceptional and comprehensive range of solutions to increase monitoring potential through powerful integration capability, health monitoring solutions, as well as flexible and hybrid architecture.

CathexisVision Software Integrations

Access Control


Alarm Panels




Fence Management


Fire Panel


I.P Cameras


Money Counters


Point Of Sale
Third party analytics

CathexisVision Hardware

Keyboards and Joystick Controllers

This keyboard has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Digital Surveillance System (DSS) operators. The keyboard is fully programmable, providing exceptional integration with DSS functions.

With an ergonomic design and pleasing textured black finish, the KBD3000 is both an aesthetic and a functional effective complement to the powerful Digital Surveillance System

Network IO Devices

The network base IO expander device enables comprehensive access and control of remote in/output relays over an Ethernet network. In applications where an Ethernet network already exists, this is a significant cost-saver as it does away with the requirement for cabling. Through the CathexisVision software control, opening and closing of integrated relay contacts can be incorporated into any response of a critical event.

Network Video Recorder Systems

The Cathexis software can be managed and used from any workstation on the network and from remote locations by multiple users. The Network Video Recorder Systems are associated with IP-network based camera systems.

Video Encoders

The SAM video encoders integrates analogue cameras onto an I.P video solution by encoding the analogue feed into an Ethernet video stream. This enables you to embrace the latest network video technology while utilising your existing cameras, providing a cost-effective solution.

Video Analytics

This consists of:

  • Basic VMD

  • VMD Setup Tools

  • Algorithm selection process Analytics 1

  • Keyword definition Analytics 2



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