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IP cameras Partizan with resolution up to 8.0 megapixels are capable to generate an improved FullHD image format. These devices are equipped with infrared illumination which provide the opportunity to monitor in complete darkness at a distance of 20 to 100 meters. Adjustable focus let to get a maximum detail image at various distances. Cameras which support POE can be powered up by the same internet cable, which transfers the video, which simplify the process of installation. To select the IP camera that suits your needs – just specify the necessary settings using the filter.

Outdoor Wireless Kit 2MP 8xIP v1.1 - Ins
Cloud bullet FullHD (IPO-2SP 4G v 1.0) -
IPC-2SP-IR v1.0 - 2.0Mp, 12.7 FullHD CMO
IPO-VF2RP ANPR - 2.0Mp,  1 2.7 Panasonic
IPD-VF5MP-IR AF Starlight SH - 5.0Mp,.jp
IPF-5SP 4K - 9.0Mp, 1 1.7 Sony Progressi
IPO-5SP 4K v. 1.0 - 8.0Mp (4K), 1 2.3 Om
IPO-VF5MP Starlight v1.1 Cloud - 5.0Mp,
IPD-5SP-IR Starlight v1.0 Cloud - 5.0Mp,
IPD-VF2MP-IR v2.3 Cloud - 2.0Mp.jpg
IPD-VF5MP-IR AF Starlight SH v1.0 - 5.0M
PTZ Controllers.jpg

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