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commercial security systems
  • Improvements in the sector will be driven by improvements in the economy and large take ups of current office space. There is a good take up of newly committed office space and prime nodes are also doing well.

  • Overall vacancies are still high, particularly for older stock and secondary areas, with rental growth stagnating in large cities.

  • Asset protection and administrative efficiency modular design to enable simple and cost effective expansion is required.

  • Variety of biometric technologies, time recording of staff, integration to payroll, HR software, parking management, elevator Control, visitor and contractor management, full audit reports, customised reports and real time dashboards.

  • 24-hour access through any web enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

Commercial Security Systems Applications:

  • Skyscrapers

  • Office Blocks

  • Large multi-nationals

  • Conference Centres

  • Parking Garages

  • Human Resources

  • Small Businesses


  • EMAAR Properties 

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

  • Access Control with integrated CCTV and T&A