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Advanced Security Solutions for Commercial Buildings and Corporates

Ensuring a safe and secure workplace

commercial security systems

Whether you’re a large multi-national company, or a small business, the need to protect your working environment remains the same. We offer tailor-made solutions that provide you with peace-of-mind security.

The challenges of day-to-day management of offices, commercial property and facilities is demanding. Our powerful control and management features will serve to enhance management efforts, improve security, and reduce running costs.


By layering the different elements of the commercial building security solutions– from the perimeter entrance, into public areas and offices, to highly restricted areas – we can create a balanced solution that meets a building’s exact security needs, without compromising convenience.


Powerful new features and a fully integrated control room environment makes us a leading provider. It reduces the risk of human error, enables the management of notifications from multiple systems through a single user interface, and provides improved forensic analysis of events and associated video.

Our solutions for small, medium, and large businesses focusses on simplicity, convenience, and value.


Small businesses often share the same concerns as large enterprises – they want to manage access to their premises and protect their people and assets. 


  • High Rise Skyscrapers

  • Office Blocks

  • Multi-national Corporations

  • Conference Centers

  • Parking Garages

  • Human Resource Departments

  • Small Businesses

  • Remote Branch Offices

Powerful CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Commercial Buildings and Corporates

Our advanced Video Management Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements.

We have completed a wide variety of successful surveillance projects in the commercial sector, including high rise towers, mixed-use buildings, conference centers, parking garages and office parks.


The power of the Video Management Software lies in its ability to offer speed, efficiency, and effectiveness – all in one fully integrated solution. A series of pre-determined actions, based on alarm triggers received, accelerate operator efficiency, and allow for instant control room reaction.

Meeting Commercial Buildings and Corporates CCTV Surveillance Requirements

  • Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Exceptional Integration Capability

  • Electric Fence / Alarm Panel / Fire Panel / CCTV Integration

  • Reliability in all Climate Conditions

  • Forensic Verification of Incidents

  • Perimeter Protection

  • Health Monitoring


CCTV and Video Management Features

  • I.P and Analogue CCTV Hybrid Solutions with Megapixel Camera support

  • Multi-Tier System Management

  • Smart Video Analytics - integrates with several specialized analytics devices to provide triggers.

  • Remote and Multiple Site Management Capability - navigate multiple sites throughout the facility with site maps

  • Advanced Operator Control - navigate and select sites, drag-and-drop cameras to selected monitors, control outputs and move PTZ cameras

  • Centralized Alarm Management - operators can initiate immediate corrective action by assigning relevant resources.

  • Emergency / Panic Button Facility - In the event of an emergency if the button is activated, a high priority alarm is triggered in the control room, and the operator is alerted of the situation through live audio.

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Failover for Complete System Redundancy

Effective Access Control Solutions for Commercial Buildings and Corporates

Maximize your asset protection and administrative efficiency through a market leading system with modular design to enable simple and cost-effective expansion when required.

The open platform provides a customizable application, to suit specific requirements for real-time monitoring, and the ability to operate reliably in any climate.


We also understand that enterprises globally have a variety of needs, each as unique as their businesses. To this end, our system provides a host of features specially designed for corporates, straight of the shelf. The system can be further customized, to individual business needs or even specific users, quickly and easily – making it one of the most convenient and easiest access control systems on the market.


Specialist integrations with other business software, such as HR management systems, intrusion, or CCTV systems, is also quickly achieved through our purpose-built API.

Meeting Commercial Buildings and Corporates Access Control Requirements

  • Improved administrative efficiency through managing residents, tenants, and visitors more effectively

  • Ability to simply integrate parking, access control, CCTV, maintenance, elevators, fence-monitoring systems, alarm panels, and fire panels, and more into one holistic management portal

  • Enhance security by managing the tags assigned to people and assets.

  • Remote management of sites providing dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • Seamless visitor and contractor management to monitor and control time on site.

  • Modular design, to enable simple and cost-effective expansion as required


Access Control Features

  • Our solutions include biometric readers, automatic number plate recognition, anti-cloning tags, mobile phone credentials, and more.

  • Integration to payroll software and HR systems - Manage personnel effectively by recording hours worked, be alerted to absenteeism or late arrivals

  • Variety of biometric technologies for accurate time recording of staff.

  • Elevator Control for buildings up to 100 floors

  • A variety of audit reports, customized reports, and real-time dashboards along with 24-hour access through any web enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

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