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The most effective business tool for managing your team’s attendance, productivity and absenteeism.  ATOM is a web based time and attendance system that is fully scalable to suit just about every time management application.  The system supports stand-alone biometric and fully integrated RFID with hybrid biometric solutions.  ATOM supports the adage that “time is money”!!



  • WEB enabled Time & Attendance Management

  • Cost elective biometric enrolment process

  • Secure local and remote site support via centrally hosted web platform

  • Single point of installation and upgrade

  • Organisation overview dashboard

  • Web based administration of users 

  • Extensive management reports

  • Stand alone and 3rd party hardware support

ATOM is a web based access and time & attendance management system built on the latest web technology with a user friendly interface that caters for sites of all sizes. The graphical interface eases users through the simple process of configuring shift parameters and shift cycles that are easily maintained, while the array of reports and administration tools allow the task of authorization to be spread throughout the organisation without the hassle of multiple client installations.

ATOM comprises of three centrally hosted modules:





































  • Payroll & Personnel Management deals with a slew of aspects including the employee salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay and net pay besides generating pay-slips of the employees for a month or a specific period. The system also allows quick updates with new information related to the statutory updates, new remuneration calculation and tax deduction. A multi-company, multi-currency system that covers all aspects of Employee Time Attendance, Payroll/HR, Job Management, Canteen Management, either as a stand-alone solution or totally integrated with with any back end. The Time Attendance, Payroll & HR Modules have been integrated on-line with various industry-leading ERP Systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAGE, Epicor, Infor etc.


  • Multi Company

  • Unlimited Employees

  • Multi Users

  • Employee Benefits & Compensation

  • Employee Document Management (Expiring documents with alert)

  • Pay Structure Elements

  • Salary Revision with Effective Dates

  • Overtime Types

  • Monthly Payroll, Bank File, WPS

  • Report Writer

  • Career History

  • Employee Master Data Changes with Approval

  • Multiple Leave Types, with user defined pay percent for each leave type

  • Annual Leave, Sick Leave & Maternity Leave Policies

  • Leave Application & Leave Return Processing

  • Loans – Installments, Disbursals & Repayments

  • Employee Separation

  • Employee portal for various requests with workflow

  • MIS Reports

  • Organization Charts


System can be integrated with any Attendance System in the front end and ERP/Finance System in the back end like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor, etc.


  • ATOM core is a web service and application that allows for secure management of local and remote sites with a single point of installation. The need to license and maintain client machines is eliminated, while still empowering administrators to remotely manage readers, employees and biometric enrolment from any web enabled device with access to the network. Monitor site and reader status or upcoming employee contract termination dates with the system overview dashboard, while the ATOM Service automatically uploads and downloads information to and from the biometric readers. The customizable user types and filters allow for the limiting of users to specific roles and organisational structures within the administrative process.



  • ATOM charged, the comprehensive time and attendance module that runs on ATOM core and offers the tools required to effectively manage employee productivity with the versatility of the web platform.

  • ATOM fusion, the comprehensive time and attendance module that caters for full 3rd party integration to products like Impro’s IXP access control range of systems.


Time & Attendance System, is an application meant for managing Employee’s Attendance. This is an extended application which can be used by employee himself to interact with attendance system and thereby allowing them to request for making necessary correction of attendance data.

Time & Attendance System, is an application meant for managing Employee’s Attendance. This is an extended application which can be used by employee himself to interact with attendance system and thereby allowing them to request for making necessary correction of attendance data.




  • Multi Company

  • Multi Users

  • Unlimited Employees

  • Employee Master Fields

  • Unlimited User Defined fields – allows to create any type of field required by the organization.

  • Unlimited Overtime Types

  • Position History

  • Unlimited user defined positional entities – allows to create any type of positional entity like Division, Cost Center, etc., and maintain employee’s position history for all such entities.

  • Employee Master Data Changes

  • Provides Action Forms for all important master data fields, with a facility for Approval before updating employee master data records.

  • Leave Application & Leave Return Processing

  • Special Season Shift Timings

  • Provides for creating unlimited Special Season Timings, like Ramadan, Summer, Winter,etc.

  • Unlimited open shift timings and break timings per shift.

  • Leave Application & Leave Return Processing.

  • Employee Separation.

  • User defined separation types for maintaining additional types like Death, Transfer to Group Co., etc. can be configured with appropriate indemnity settlement policies.

  • Various MIS Report.

  • Also includes Report Writer (Optional) for companies to create their own reports in HR Works.

  • Multiple Organization Charts can be configured depending on business segmentation.

  • Audit Trail

  • Data Security

  • By any combination of organizational entity without any limitations.

  • n-Tier Architecture

  • Dot Net Framework

  • SQL Server / ORACLE


You can easily configure reports to filter and view data based on the requirement, schedule report to be emailed at regular intervals. For any business, it is very important to manage and track all the time allocation to its employees for a flawless operation. Manual tracking is not the right solution and we have the solution for you to automate employee time and attendance accurately.


System can be integrated with any Attendance Terminal in the front end and Payroll/HR Software in the back end.





Vehicle and spike barriers

  • Available in 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m lengths

  • Suitable for high traffic flow areas

  • Spike based on US law enforcement standards

  • Spike barrier has a 1.5 second operating time

  • Surface mount system with easy cleaning capability

Innovative mechanism

  • Proximity sensors with unlimited lifespan replace mechanical limit switches

  • Fail safe / fail secure on-site changeover in under a minute without a “kit”

  • Rotary solenoids are 100% duty cycle with a mean life of +50 million cycles

  • Entire construction of stainless steel and engineering plastic

  • Maintenance-free mechanism

  • Easily manageable weight of just <10 kg



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