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International Solutions Engineering sets the benchmark for pedestrian and vehicular entrance control equipment. Because at ISE, we’re obsessed with aesthetics, quality and ongoing innovation. And we won’t stop until we’re a world-class, pioneering player in both the local and international entrance control equipment market.

Our products are:


  • No limit switches, no linear solenoids

  • New mechanism with no adjustable parts

  • Hinged frontal, side service hatch


  • Similarly priced as HDG/PC mild steel

  • Lowest power consumption

  • Maintenance free mechanism


  • Can be flat packed for ease of transport

  • Effortless installation with our floor installation template

  • Collapsible rotor for easy handling and moving through tight areas

Full height turnstiles

  • 3-arm and 4-arm options available

  • High and medium security man trap turnstiles

  • Effortless Installation with our floor installation template

  • IP65 turnstile channel – protecting ours and our client’s hardware from the environment

  • Manufactured from 409 & 3Cr12 stainless steel, powder coated RN Silver. Grades 304 & 316 are also supplied on request

Waist height turnstiles

Two configurations:

  • Non-motorised

  • Motorised

  • Open mode allows for:

    • Wheelchairs and crutches

    • Deliveries, pallet jacks and washing trolleys

  • Unimpeded egress during emergency evacuation

  • No pedestrian gate needed:

    • Enhanced aesthetic appearance

Vehicle and spike barriers

  • Available in 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m lengths

  • Suitable for high traffic flow areas

  • Spike based on US law enforcement standards

  • Spike barrier has a 1.5 second operating time

  • Surface mount system with easy cleaning capability

Innovative mechanism

  • Proximity sensors with unlimited lifespan replace mechanical limit switches

  • Fail safe / fail secure on-site changeover in under a minute without a “kit”

  • Rotary solenoids are 100% duty cycle with a mean life of +50 million cycles

  • Entire construction of stainless steel and engineering plastic

  • Maintenance-free mechanism

  • Easily manageable weight of just <10 kg



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