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Glovent Visitor Management 

GLOPortal, is a complete community management solution, currently being used by more than 650 residential and other communities internationally. Our offering connects and inform residents through features like visitor management, service provider management and access to information. Residents and owners can interact with one another and management through a web portal or a mobile application.


Visitor Management System

GLOVent offers a unique, first-of-its-kind, Visitor Management Solution (VMS) service that interfaces directly with our GLOPortal Community Management System (CMS)

The Member Module:

The member module is used by the Community Members to pre-clear and manage their visitors. Members can do this through either a SMS system, the GLOPortal web or mobile app.

The Gate System:

The gate system consist of the gate application that runs on any android device and the gate hardware. The gate hardware provides the interface to the gate booms or gates to ensure the VMS system works with the estate’s current systems.

Admin Interface:

The admin interface is the ‘backend’ accessible to administrators through the GLOPortal CMS. The admin interface offers extensive management and reporting options to system administrators, available 24/7 from any device connected to the internet.

Single Interface

A single interface for members, available directly through the estate web portal or member community application.


A totally integrated solution, linking directly to the central CMS database.

Hardware Flexible

A hardware flexible solution, with the Gate App potentially running on any android device.

Easy to Use

Extremely easy to use for both members and guards – simply a ‘few clicks’ on the mobile apps.

Cost Effective

A fraction of the traditional access control solution’s costs, with no need to buy expensive scanners.

Internal Support

Support and relationship management through the international GLOVent network.

Community Management System

CMS is a web-based application that interfaces with the community’s public website and with the smartphones of community members through the mobile application.

GLOPortal CMS can also interface with existing community websites hosted by other service providers.

GLOPortal CMS is custom developed to enhance management and communication in Residential Communities.

Community Database Management

The real time management of the community database, accessible to both Admin and Members (in order for them to update their own details).

Extensive two-way Member Communication

GLOPortal offers various communication channels to communicate with members, for members to communicate with each-other and for members to communicate with management. These include SMS and Email messages, electronic surveys, sms polling, community newsfeed, discussion forum and help desk.

The Logging of Member Accounts

Through the integration with the community accounting system, member levy and other accounts can be logged in the Community Portal available for them to view 24/7 at their convenience.

Home Maintenance Line

The Home Maintenance Line is a 24/7 Service Provider Management service where home maintenance professionals are connected to members as and when the need arise. The Home Maintenance Line is available to members through the Community Portal (web and mobile application) and through a 24/7 dedicated call centre.

Online Document Sharing and Management

Important documents relevant to individual profiles and the community can be shared and managed online directly through the system. Members can view documents through the Community Portal or on the mobile application.

General Information Sharing

General information important to the community is shared directly through the Community Portal. These include Important Numbers, Management Contact Details, Board Member details, Estate Agent details, Community Events details, Community Photos (galleries) and more. Facility Bookings: Members can book Community Facilities directly through the system, including tennis courts, clubhouse etc.

Community Magazine and Newsletter Sharing

The publication and sharing of community newsletters and magazines in the system available to members directly through the Community Portal and mobile application.

Classified Posting and Management

The system offers the functionality for member classifieds to be posted (by members) and managed.

Standard administrative functions are offered like extensive reporting, username and password management, direct access to live support, help videos and much more.

General Administrative Matters

Standard administrative functions are offered like extensive reporting, username and password management, direct access to live support, help videos and much more.

Estate Community Information

General relevant information on the estate community is also posted from time to time, like copies of the Estate Living Magazine.

Advanced Features


Use the panic button in our mobile app to alert emergency services. The Mobile Panic offers members of estates the facility to notify security, family/friends and a 24/7 control centre when they are in destress, all with the press of a few buttons in the GLOPortal Member Application.


We now offer personalised apps. Your residents can find the GLOPortal app with your name and logo in the application stores.


The GLOPortal Voting Module provides an electronic interface for community-appointed administrators to create and share the details of a motion (vote) with members, while members then have the opportunity to cast their vote either through their smartphone (using the GLOPortal member application) or a web interface (using the GLOPortal member portal). Supporting document uploads and a discussion forum unique to each vote allow members to voice their option and discuss the matter just as they would in a traditional member meeting, but without the peer pressures normally involved. 


Track utility readings directly in our Community Management System. The GLOPortal Utility module offers a realtime view of water and/or electricity usage through a simple online dashboard. Readings can be collected through an interface to existing smart meters or 3rd party meter providers. The GLOPortal application also offers an collection interface for the direct capturing of readings to the system.



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