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Government and Military Security Systems Customer Needs

Government and Military Security Systems Applications

  • Military Bases

  • Embassies

  • Royal Palaces

  • Aerospace

  • Police forces

  • Forensics and crime investigation units

  • Customs and border protection

  • Prison management

  • Emergency or civilian protection


  • TBC

Government and Military Security Systems
  • Keeping the administration and state secure makes the government the purchasing leader of security goods and services in terms of volume, innovation, projects scale and prominence.

  • Government agencies have different responsibilities and operational scope (national, regional or local level) and are sophisticated buyers that usually demand high-end products and services, with a large industrial impact, to demonstrate effective security solutions.

  • These capabilities are distributed across different public organizations and agencies alike.

  • Biometric technologies encompassing fingerprint, finger vein and facial recognition, with distress detection.

  • Range of locking devices for servers, cabinets and other storage facilities.

  • Anti-pass, Integration into CCTV, parking, elevator, building maintenance and fire.

  • Visitor and guest management, as well as ability to quickly and easily incorporate contractors

  • Guard routes to enforce site inspections throughout the facility, ‘Lock down’ feature in case of a threat.

  • Customizable reports, accessible through any web enabled device (smartphone, tablet and computer).

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