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Mobile Portal is a handheld reader that provides complete mobile validation for your access control system, giving you the freedom to manage access into buildings, temporary entrances, festivals or almost any location.

The unit is ideal for a variety of applications that require offline validation, as the database is stored on-board the device. This means great flexibility, whilst still enabling rapid read times. In addition, all transactions are visible on the full colour touch screen, at the time of the event.

Mobile Portal provides full support for tag and finger verification, as each device includes full finger print biometrics and is able to read both ISO14443 cards and industry standard tags (Mifare, iCLASS and Felica). In addition, the device can be set up to read both tag and finger, or just tags. Another benefit of Mobile Portal is directional reads can be individually set on the unit. This means when a visitor arrives, the operator logs the event as an entry and, when leaving, the visitor is logged as an exit. This provides for accurate reporting, when synchronised to Access Portal, so you are able to account for all people at a remote location. The unit operates on an embedded Windows OS platform, which provides the opportunity for additional features or functions to be included in each device. Mobile Portal is able to withstand multiple drops from six foot to concrete, but is still light enough to comfortably carry in one hand.

The reader can also be set to one direction (entry or exit) for when a large amount of people are entering a facility, for example, time logging of employees onto a construction site. All transactions undertaken by Mobile Portal are seamlessly uploaded to Access Portal for complete auditability and reporting, as if the device was a traditional fixed reader. This occurs automatically when the Mobile Portal device is docked into the base station and a Live! view of the transactions can be seen.

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