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FARGO Printers HDP 8500

FARGO HDP 8500 Industrial & Government ID Card Printer & Encoder


The HID FARGO HDP 8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance. It's especially suited for large government ID card programs and laborious service bureau conditions, as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments.

Solid metal cabinetry and precision-engineered interior components create a stable printer environment that operates reliably over continuous runs. In fact, the HDP8500 industrial card printer and encoder is loaded with features that maximize card yield per shift: multi-card processing capabilities, 400-card input hopper capacity, accessible card path and graphical touch screen interface, and built-in physical and electronic security features. These features are all designed to ensure continuous production, even in the most demanding environments. Combined with the included HID FARGO Workbench diagnostic utility facilitates printer maintenance. Its Color Assist tool matches spot colors, ensuring accurate prints of graphics such as company logos.

The HID FARGO HDP 8500 ID Card Printer and Encoder features optional modules to provide you with additional security, such as the interoperable Lamination module; the Laser Engraver module for the highest level of secure card printing; and the Laser Writer module to create vanGO® cards that feature a unique visual security patch that writes the cardholder's image to the card so that it cannot be counterfeited. Also optionally available is the High Durable HDP film that can be used to create even more robust and durable credentials.

For high duty-cycle performance, the FARGO HDP 8500 Industrial ID Card Printer and Encoder delivers:

  • System reliability over continuous runs

  • High-volume card throughput for maximum yields per shift

  • Operational convenience to optimize uptime

  • Issuance security that meets industry standards

  • Additional on-card visual security with the HDP8500 LaserWriter module and vanGO ID cards to create a One-2-One™ relationship between the card and the cardholder that is nearly impossible to counterfeit

FARGO HDP8500 Industrial & Government ID Card Printer and Encoder Applications

  • Government-to-citizen IDs:

    • Driver Licenses

    • National IDs

    • Border crossing cards

    • Voter registration

  • Service bureau ID production

  • University student ID/payment cards

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