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Impro Technologies became one of the first companies in the world to adopt RFID and quickly became pioneers in the technology. This resulted in the business developing innovative new products that revolutionized the access control industry, and achieved tremendous growth for the group. 

Access control
Access Control Software
Access Control Software
Access Control Hardware
Acess Control Software
Access Control Readers
Access Contro Cards and tags
Acess Control Software
Access Control

Access Portal

The Access Portal Range (Access Portal) testifies to Impro's continuing commitment to development and competes head-to-head with companies internationally. The product is a fully web-based access control system and allows for easy integration to CCTV, biometric, fire, T&A, intrusion systems and other 3rd party products.

Access Portal 3.0 is our latest access control software that gives you powerful features with unrivalled ease of use, whether your business is large or small.

1. Simplicity – quick to setup, easy to use
2. Technology – biometrics, wireless locks, virtual credentials …
3. Mobility – access your premises 24/7, real time engagement
4. Reliability – backed by 30 years in the industry
5. Cost effective – single license fee, no annual renewals

The system is designed to operate from small to medium sites, all the way to multi-enterprise sites. We’ve even got a free version for premises that need standard features – simply download, install and you’re on your way!

We’ve built in features for quicker commissioning, such as virtual hardware which allows you to build the system without stepping foot on site – a great time saver! The new simpler interface also makes it quick and easy to configure a system.

If you’re upgrading from a legacy system, you can simply import all the tagholders through Excel, while the profile functionality lets you make one change and apply it to the selected profile group.

The system also includes variety of diagnostics and easy to use upgrade tools, all aimed at making an installation simpler, quicker and better.

End users
We’ve designed Access Portal 3.0 to be flexible enough to suit all premises – whether that’s a small business, large multinational corporate, perhaps a tertiary institution, manufacturing facility or even a residential estate, Access Portal is your one-stop solution.

Standard features include the ability to control what information operators can access, whilst also maintaining a full audit trail of any operations. Users can also set up their own personalised dashboard, whilst reporting is achieved with a variety of standard reports which can be accessed at the click of a mouse.

However, the most significant benefit for end users is future-proofing your investment. As new technologies are released, these are incorporated into Access Portal at no extra cost to you – such as class-leading biometrics, wireless locks, virtual credentials.

Access Control


The Access Portal cluster controller offers unrivalled simplicity and cost-effectiveness.  True plug-and-play modular hardware means you simply plug units together and all the power and communication cabling is done for you, with just one click.  Need to expand your installation? Simply plug more units together – it’s that quick.

The power of cluster

The ability to plug a number of reader modules into one Access Portal controller is termed ‘clustering’.  This is a highly cost-effective solution as one cluster controller can manage up to eight reader modules and 16 readers – no longer are you constrained to one controller per door.

However, not everyone may want to cluster, so a controller can also be installed in one location and the reader module up to 150 metres away (that’s the length of one and a half football fields).

A world of choice

The cluster controller is available with a touchscreen LCD, which is specifically designed for smaller installations to operate as a stand-alone system (no computer necessary); or without the LCD for sites using a computer or server.

The controller is also available in either a plastic housing, or in a secure metal enclosure for additional security.

Controller features include:

  • Full offline functionality

  • Ability to store up to 100,000 transactions

  • Built-in anti-tamper switch

  • Optional touchscreen LCD

  • Compatible with all Access Portal modules

  • Compatible with all Access Portal software

Access Controllers


Access Portal reader modules simply clip into the cluster controller for one of the most rapid installation procedures ever seen.  With just one click, your power and communication cabling is done.  Alternatively, the reader module can be installed up to 150m* from the cluster controller.

Mix and match

Up to eight modules, of any variant, can be installed with a single cluster controller. This provides a huge amount of flexibility to meet different installation needs, with off-the-shelf hardware, as well as significant cost savings.

Features of the modules:

  • Hot swappable

  • Up to eight modules per cluster controller

  • LED diagnostic indicators

  • Onsite firmware upgrades

  • End-of-line sensing


  • Wiegand: most common communication method for access control devices. Enables the use of third party products such as biometrics, ANPR and long-range readers. Two readers per module.

  • Antenna: the older 125KHz communication protocol, ideal for cost sensitive markets not requiring high functionality. Two readers per module.

  • S-Series: highly cost-effective solution with anti-cloning protection and secure proprietary encryption, using three-core cabling. Four readers per module.

  • IO8: comprises eight digital inputs and eight relay outputs, for multiple connect/disconnect options such as elevators, intrusion systems and lighting control.


Impro offers a diverse array of access control readers, to meet a variety of installation requirements. We offer interior and exterior readers, one of the smallest reader footprints, to traditional junction box mountings.

Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring that legacy 125kHz proximity tags and the new 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.

You can also choose between fingerprint biometric readers, keypads and non-keypad variants.

•  Multi-discipline readers (MDR/MDK)
•  Multi-discipline junction box readers (MJR/MJK)

•  Wiegand metal harsh environment readers
•  Antenna readers

•  LCD biometric time & attendance readers (MDTA/BMTA)

•  Multi-discipline tag retention readers (DBv)

•  Mobile Portal Handheld Reader

•  UHF Receiver

MDK Reader


We offer a variety of access control tags to meet your specific requirements.

Our tags include both 13.56MHz Mifare tags and legacy 125kHz tags, as well as units that operate on dual frequency of both Mifare and Omega (125kHz). We also have the anti-cloning S-Series credit card tag, which incorporates a proprietary encryption for additional security, as well as SEOS cards.

A range of styles is also available, from the ever popular credit card tag, to rectangular key rings, round button tags and slim long range tags.

We also offer a four button transmitter tag, for those wanting to drive relays, such as for a gate.

Access Control Cards and Tags


The Access Portal S-SERIES comprises cost-effective hardware that seamlessly operates on Impro Technologies’ Access Portal management software, to provide a holistic access control system.

A key feature of the S-Series is the ability to operate up to eight SIR readers or four APB doors from a single module. The clustering concept also ensures zero downtime, as modules are plug and-play – simply unplug and replace. Expansion of a system is just as easy, whereby additional controllers and modules are quickly and effortlessly added as needed. The system caters for redundancy as transactions reside in the controller, as well as the server. Should a connection to the server be lost, or compromised, there is no catastrophic failure or security breach, as the controller continues to interdependently operate and, once back online, seamlessly uploads transactions to the server.

Installation time and cost is improved through the use of three-core cable, and the system supports a variety of installation topologies such as star, tree, daisy-chain and multi-drop for unrivalled flexibility. Another installation benefit is the ability for the reader to be installed up to 150m from the module.

The S-Series uses 125kHz RFID secure technology that protects against tag cloning to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the premises, as well as encrypted communication between the controller and module for added security. The solution is ideal for small to large installations, due to the option of a touchscreen LCD controller with embedded software which doesn’t require a PC, or server-based system. The S-Series operates seamlessly with the full range of Access Portal software.


• Cost effective: one of the most price competitive systems

• Secure: uses trusted anti-cloning tag technology

• Scalable: simple plug-and-play for seamless expansion

• Flexible: increased cable distance and ability to multi-drop


All installations, big or small, looking for:

• Improved security

• Reduced costs

• Low-maintenance

• Controlled access

• Remote management

• Reliability and convenience


• Up to eight SIR readers or four APB doors per module

• Reduced cabling and installation costs

• Enhanced security with anti-cloning tags

• Available in plastic housing or metal enclosure

Access Control
Access Control
Access control hardware
access control hardware
access control

IXP Range


​Be it the home or office, the IXP20 Access Control system with its modern and sleek design, will complement the aesthetic appeal of any building while offering world-class security and control.

The IXP20 provides Impro Technologies’ tried and tested Access Control proficiency, taking you into the future with complete peace of mind.  With the IXP20 system, access control is no longer reserved for the industrial or enterprise market.

The IXP20 access control range consists of two products and meets the requirements of one to eight door applications, incorporating full stand alone and independent functionality.

1 000 tagholders

5 000 buffered transactions

1 – 8 doors

Up to 16 readers (8 APB doors)

Up to 3 tags per person

Up to 8 tagholder access groups


The IXP220 offers seamless system scalability, allowing the user to expand their system effortlessly, using the same software and hardware suite throughout.

The flexibility of the hardware configuration options and the simplicity of the software configuration using the standard wizards makes the IXP220 the obvious choice for all your access control applications.  From one to 256 anti-passback doors and up to 1 000 independent sites, the IXP220 has the size and capability to meet your requirements.  Its ability is complimented by user friendly software and powerful features that help you easily build it into a business tool that offers great return on investment.

Up to 256 doors
Up to 1 000 independent sites
Up to 10 000 tags per system


The IXP400 is a multi-door enterprise access control solution designed to meet today's most demanding security requirements. This System uses the powerful ImproX Controllers and the ImproNet Access Control Software Suite to control up to 3 000 doors and up to 300 000 Tagholders per site, with multiple sites linked across a worldwide network. IXP400 features the latest security innovations, including seamless integration with Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems, providing visual verification, easier operation and enhanced cost-effectiveness with a single log-on, the complete security environment organizations are looking for.

A variety of user-friendly ImproNet Software Modules
Multi-layer graphic floorplan representation, including alarm and transaction monitoring
Integrated badging module for card design and printing
Integrated Digital Video Recording (DVR) system
Flexible building management features
Networkable via LAN/WAN
Platform independent Java Software Modules, capable of running on non-Windows Platforms
Up to 300 000 tagholders per site, supporting multiple siteswith and central database
Architectually designed metal Proximity Readers
Long-range systems for parking control

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