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Impro offers a diverse array of access control readers, to meet a variety of installation requirements. We offer interior and exterior readers, one of the smallest reader footprints, to traditional junction box mountings.

Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring that legacy 125kHz proximity tags and the new 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.

You can also choose between fingerprint biometric readers, keypads and non-keypad variants.
•  Multi-discipline readers (MDR/MDK)
•  Multi-discipline junction box readers (MJR/MJK)

•  Wiegand metal harsh environment readers
•  Antenna readers

•  LCD biometric time & attendance readers (MDTA/BMTA)

•  Multi-discipline tag retention readers (DBv)

•  Mobile Portal Handheld Reader

•  UHF Receiver

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