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Access Control - IXP220

The IXP220 offers seamless system scalability, allowing user to expand their system effortlessly, using the same software and hardware suite throughout.

The flexibility of the hardware configuration options and the simplicity of the software configuration using the standard wizards makes the IXP220 the obvious choice for all your access control applications. From one to 256 anti-passback doors and up to 1 000 independent sites the IXP220 has the size and capability to meet your requirements. Its ability is complimented by user friendly software and powerful features that help you easily build it into a business tool that offers great return on investment.

With 3 layers of redundancy and a wide variety of additional modules and integration options the IXP220 offers a class leading security platform that will grow as your security and business requirements do. The standard web based reporting and the systems ability to send relevant, real-time, useful information using e-mail, SMS and Twitter make the IXP220 the obvious choice for your access control needs.

access control
access control


access control

The Impro IXP220 Controller is a fully featured Controller forming part of the IXP220 Software System. The IXP220 Controller’s applications include access control and alarm control.
Consisting of a single hardware platform, the ImproX IXP220 Controller is available in a mild steel cabinet or, if preferred, in an open frame construction. The Controller is delivered as standard with all hardware components thus enabling full functionality.
Communication options include Ethernet, USB, RS485 or RS232 and memory capacity is ensured up to 10 000 Tags and 100 000 buffered Transactions.

Features include anti-tamper, a general relay for power control or alarm arming. The remaining relay and digital inputs allow each Reader support for a Door Open Sensor and Request to Enter or Exit.
Six available feature models, address market needs from single door to multiple remote sites with up to 256 anti-passback doors. The IXP220 Controller is easily upgraded from a Stand-alone Controller to a System Controller through a soft unlock system.

ISC960 - IXP220 Standalone Controller (PCB Only)

ISC962 - IXP220 System Controller (PCB Only)

IPS963 - Integrated Power Supply with IXP220 System Controller


The IXP220 Software Suite consists of a set of Software Modules (performing on a client-server basis) used for monitoring and controlling residential, small, medium and large commercial sites. IXP220 is flexible, allowing for easy addition of further ImproX hardware. As well as providing the means to add third-party hardware devices such as biometrics, IXP220 Software provides an easy-to-use graphic user interface for real-time monitoring.
The IXP220 Software controls and monitors the actions of associated ImproX Hardware, therefore controlling and reporting on recorded actions of personnel to a site. The System responds to Tags presented to Readers and controls and monitors the relevant access of the associated Tagholders.
The Software Suite provides a wide array of features, including compilation of Reports showing movement of Tagholders and other System aspects. These features support simple configurations as well as medium-system access control needs. The IXP220’s scalable design allows for single-system users or expanded systems for multiple users in LAN and WAN configurations.
Packaged with your purchase of the IXP220 System is the Software Suite on a CD that includes all Modules. Certain Modules however, need a purchased unlock code to enable them.
The Hardware and Software design lends itself to a system that can cope with any access control and monitoring needs for residential and small to medium, and large commercial installations.

ISL901 - IXP220 Web Tagholder Enrollment Client License

ISL903 - IXP220 Impro Touch System License

ISL904 - IXP220 Multi-Site System License

ISL905 - IXP220 Card Designer System License

ISL906 - IXP220 Elevator Control License

ISL907 - IXP220 Input\Output Control License

ISR900 - IXP220 Enrolment Reader

ISR901 - IXP220 Enrolment Interface

ISW903 - IXP220 System 3 License - (Support for 256 Doors)

ISW905 - IXP220 System 3 License - With MDE

access control

Access Control -IXP400i

access control

The IXP400i has a global track record that speaks for itself. Securing prestigious sites in all major market sectors has ensured that this Enterprise solution has evolved over the last 10 years into the industry leading integration platform that it is today. 

From small commercial to large industrial applications the IXP400i has the features, flexibility and ability to offer uncompromised security. From one to 3 000 doors and 300 000 tag holders per site and 256 sites per system the IXP400i has unrivalled capacity. Built on a Linux based, embedded hardware platform the IXP400i boasts an impressive selection of hardware options using state of the art technology perfectly designed for your application. 

The combination of the flexible hardware and software options allows the system to be configured to suite your site as opposed to your site needing to change to suite the system. Return on investment is not a term often used with the purchase of a security system however the IXP400i offers process management and business tools that ensure that it becomes an integral part of your streamlined operation. Control through flexibility, power through design.


The ImproX (ECII) Ethernet Controller is a fully Ethernet compatible Controller for use in the IXP400i Access Control System.
The Controller boasts both an RS485 Controller Port (Port 1) and an Ethernet Port allowing use of either. When connected to the Ethernet Port the Controller offers communication speeds and capacity not yet seen in similar systems.
The Controller comes standard with an RS485 Terminal Port (Port 2) (able to support up to 32 full Anti-passback doors), on-board Diagnostic LEDs and a System Backup Battery. The Battery allows between 4 to 6 hours of uninterrupted power.
The ImproX (ECII) Ethernet Controller is the next generation of Ethernet hardware promoting quick and easy installation across a LAN or WAN with bandwidth friendly communication protocol.

Key Features:

 ARM920T Microprocessor Core operating at 200 mips (million instructions per second).
 Linux Operating System.
 64 MB SDRAM Memory and 8 MB Flash Memory.
 LEDs indicate transmit and receive line activity for diagnostics.
 Remote Firmware download capability.
 Supports a secure logon when changing Controller Configuration settings using the Ethernet Discovery Utility.
 An Ethernet Controller Port for connection to an Ethernet Switch or Hub (or other network device).
 An RS485 Controller Bus Port for connection to other ImproX (ECII) Ethernet Controllers.
 An RS485 Terminal Bus Port for connection to up to 64 Terminal Fixed Addresses.
 Operation from power inputs in the range 10 V DC to 30 V DC.
 Fully network compatible (10/100/1 000 MBps over the WAN or LAN).

access control


access control software


Graphical User Interface for complete site control
Full off-line functionality & multi-layer redundancy

User Customised Operator Security

Seamless Biometric Integration
Seamless CCTV Integration

Building management

Random search
Dual Tag Entry for High Security
Access Control for Vehicles

Card Printing Module

Elevator Control
3rd Intrusion Alarm Integration
3rd Fire or Emergency
Web based Employee and Visitor enrolment

Web based reports

Door Mode Patterns
Time Triggered Actions

Event Triggered Actions

Access Groups
Zone routing

Zone counting
Configurable emergency unlock sequence

Programmable Holidays

Tag Programming Duress Codes
Multiple Tags per Tagholder
Time Limited Access
Tag Suspension Facilities
Anti-pass back Control

SQL Compatible Open Database
Auto Hardware Configuration

TCP/IP Controllers


The Impro (IPS) Integrated Power Supply has been developed to decrease installation time and improve system stability. The Impro IPS offers the benefit of a combined, battery backed, Power Supply and Impro Controller or Terminal.
The complete unit comes housed in a powder coated, mild steel cabinet. As the Power Supply is not waterproof, we ask that you install and use the product indoors.
The Power Supply’s construction includes a universal mounting bracket for selected Impro
hardware. Hardware suitable for mounting inside the Power Supply includes the Impro iTT, Impro iTRT, Impro MfT, Impro ECII Controller or IDS500 Controller.
The Impro IPS includes a 3 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply which provides two outputs, both with a voltage of 13.8 V DC. The combined current supply from both outputs may not exceed 2 Amps.
The remaining 1 Amp is used for battery charging and system requirements.
Key Features
• A 3 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply providing 13.8 V DC to charge a 12 V 7Ahr Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
• Nominal output voltage of 13.8 V DC with a fully charged Battery.
• Automatic switch-over to Battery operation on Mains Failure.
• Compact, Mild Steel Cabinet, accommodating the Power Supply, Controller or Terminal and a Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
• Two 13.8 V Power Outputs for powering a Terminal or Controller and, for example, a lock. Together these Outputs have a maximum power output of 2 A (max) continuous at 13.8 V DC.
• Five Quick Click Glands for easy wiring.

access control hardware
access control

IXP Hardware - DOOR CONTROLLERS - IXP 220 & 400 - iTT - Antenna

access control hardware

The Impro (iTT) Intelligent Twin Antenna Terminal is the second generation of the highly successful Impro TT. Using either the RS485 Bus or the RJ45 Ethernet Connection, the Impro iTT works within the Impro range of Access Control Systems, as well as within OEM applications.

The Impro iTT is a low-cost Terminal designed to provide access control to one door in Full Anti-passback Mode (APB) or two doors in Relaxed Anti-passback Mode (APB) or single-entry mode. Impro offer a wide range of Antenna Readers suitable for most installations.

Major memory improvements allow the Impro iTT to store up to 10 000 Transactions as well as providing the added benefit of off-line validation. In this optional mode the Impro iTT allows access to Tags present in the Terminals transaction buffer. This is valuable should communications between the Impro iTT and the Controller disrupt.

A 16-Step Auto-tune process provides improved communication range, letting you install the Terminal up to 25 m (82 ft) from its Non-keypad Antenna Reader and up to 16 m (53 ft) from its Keypad Antenna Readers.

Other new features include a Software Utility that lets you upgrade the Terminal while installed on site with zero down-time. And the iTT now interfaces with various Relay driven lock types (including Strike Locks, Magnetic Door Locks and Deadbolts).

IXP Hardware - DOOR CONTROLLERS - IXP 220 & 400 - iTRT - Wiegand

access control

The Impro (iTRT) Intelligent Twin Reader Terminal is the second generation of the highly
successful Impro TRT. Using the RS485 Bus Connection, the Impro iTRT works within the Impro range of Access Control Systems, as well as within OEM applications.
The Impro iTRT is capable of working with a variety of Impro Hardware. This includes the Multidiscipline Reader Range, the Wiegand Reader Range, the Multi-mode Remote Range as well as various Third-party Barcode and Magstripe Readers. In applications that require extended range, you can connect the Impro (IR) Infrared Receiver and the Impro RF 4-Channel Receiver to the Impro iTRT. Each Impro iTRT is designed to be used with up to two Readers or Receivers.

Major memory improvements allow the Impro iTRT to store up to 10 000 Tags and 10 000 Buffered Transactions per channel as well as providing the added benefit of off-line validation. In this optional mode the Impro iTRT allows access to Tags present in the Terminal’s transaction buffer. This is valuable should communications between the 
Impro iTRT and the Controller disrupt. 
Other new features include a Software Utility which allows you to upgrade the Terminal while installed on site with zero down-time.

Key Features
• Cost effective solution that fits seamlessly into legacy Systems.
• Support for the following Terminal Communication options:
− Ethernet—Door Controllers (XRT920 and IPS921 only) connect to your chosen System Controller using the existing IP infrastructure.
− RS485—an ultra reliable method (not affected by network problems) of connecting to your chosen System Controller.
• Onboard intelligence means the Terminal can run off-line from the Controller.

• Interfaces to the following Impro Readers:
− Impro Multi-discipline Readers.
− Impro Wiegand Reader.
− Impro Multi-mode Readers.
• Offers full Wiegand Support.
• Interfaces to the Impro IR, Impro RF, and Third-party Wiegand Readers.
• Connection to up to two Readers or Third-party Devices at each Impro iTRT. Allows Relaxed or Full Anti-passback (APB) access on a single Door or single entry on two Doors.
• End-of-line (EOL) Sensing on Door Open Sensor (DOS) Inputs.
• Operation from power inputs in the range 10 V to 30 V DC.
• An excellent user interface consisting of 14 LED “Diagnostic ndicators”.
• Onboard memory for Off-line Redundancy supporting:
− Up to 10 000 Tags.
− Up to 10 000 buffered transactions per channel.
• Two 10 A independent single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) Relay Outputs that allow you to interface to door strikes, magnetic locks and other third party devices (for example alarm panels or lighting).
• Four Digital Inputs including two Door Open Sensor (DOS) and two Request to Exit (RTE) Inputs.
• A Software utility to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the Terminal and with zero downtime.
Power Supply Combo (IPS920 and IPS921)
• A 3 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply providing 13.8 V DC to charge a 12 V 7 Ahr Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
• Nominal output voltage of 13.8 V DC with a fully charged Battery.
• Automatic switch-over to Battery operation on Mains Failure.
• Compact, Mild Steel Cabinet, accommodating the Power Supply, Controller or Terminal and a Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
• Two 13.8 V Power Outputs for powering the Terminal and, for example, a lock. Together these Outputs have a maximum power output of 2 A (max) continuous at 13.8 V DC.
• Five Quick Click Glands for easy wiring.
• Fuses on mains in and low voltage out.

Use in an IXP220 or ImproNet System
• Relay functions are user configurable.
• Digital Inputs are user configurable and can perform specific tasks such as:
− Door Open Sensing.
− Request to Exit.
− Scanner Inhibit.
− Alarm Interface.
− Action Request.

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