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Impro 4K MiFARE card


4K card, ISO tag without mag stripe, Mifare

  • Read / write 13.56MHz\ Phillips Mifare tag with 4K Memory capacity

  • Print Quality

  • 12 Months guarantee

  • PVC

  • White colour

Impro Dual Frequency Tag - Mifare 1K & 125kHz
Dual frequency tag, 125kHz, 13.56MHz, Mifare

Includes both 125kHz and 13.56MHz tag components

Read/write 13.56MHz Phillips Mifare tag with 1K Memory

  • Print Quality

  • 12 Month gurantee

  • PVC

  • White colour

Impro Credit card ISO print slotted
Credit card ISO print quality, with clip slot
12 month guarantee

Impro Rectangular keyring tag, Mifare 13.56MHz
Rectangular keyring tag, Mifare 13.56MHz

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