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MorphoWave Desktop

This innovative solution captures images of the user's 4 fingertips from a single wave of the hand in less than a second. Its unique dynamic acquisition capability allows subjects to be ‘on the move' during fingerprint capture.

MorphoWave Desktop is therefore unchallenged in a wide range of applications where high speed enrollment and matching, as well as convenience and security are key requirements. This includes border control, flow management and securing sensitive sites.

By vastly reducing capture time to less than a second, efficiency and throughput are increased without compromising accuracy. Bottlenecks in areas of high traffic are reduced and the end user's experience improved, thus improving the end user experience, MorphoWave Desktop's contactless technology mitigates hygiene concerns while remaining unaffected by dry or wet fingers. Its compatibility with standard flat & rolled fingerprint databases and compliance with international standards means it can be integrated into existing systems to great effect.


A major breakthrough for fingerprint acquisition:

  • Advanced touchless technology

  • Fastest fingerprint acquisition: less than 1 sec

  • High accuracy

  • Meets the challenge of wet and dry fingers

  • Fully compatible with current contact databases

  • Robust against external light and dust

  • FBI PIV IQS certified

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