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ASME launches Partner Project Registration Program

Access Portal 3.0 is here!

Portal 3.0 Features:
• Personalised dashboard
• Quick links for common tasks
• Elevator control
• Flexible operator and user profiles, customisable permission options, including field by field
• Bulk operations with wizards
• Integrated badging
• Visual verification of cardholders 
• Emergency procedures (threat level)
• Multiple tag encoding options, direct from the software
• Dual and multi-tagging
• Single and multiple site management
• Integrated card printing functionality
• Extensive standard reports, automated reports and customisable
• Secure audit trail 

Contact our support team on or +971 (0) 488 72595 for more information.



Welcome to our very first technical news edition release. The concept being to engage our valued clients, announcing new product releases, technical tips and product specific information.  

Access Portal 3.0 is launched!

Portal 3.0 is officially here!! 


ASME part of a select few, fortunate enough to test the beta version, were naturally overwhelmed with excitement but under strict instruction to keep it all under wraps until now.

With our technical department given the green light to finally spill the beans, we suggest you get in touch to secure your seat and catch a glimpse of this highly anticipated release by contacting our support team on or +971 (0) 488 72595


Portal 3.0 Features:

• Personalised dashboard

• Quick links for common tasks

• Elevator control

• Flexible operator and user profiles, customisable permission options, including field by field

• Bulk operations with wizards

• Integrated badging

• Visual verification of cardholders  

• Emergency procedures (threat level)

• Multiple tag encoding options, direct from the software

• Dual and multi-tagging

• Single and multiple site management

• Integrated card printing functionality

• Extensive standard reports, automated reports and customisable

• Secure audit trail  



Training made mobile

ASME now offers a mobile training solution, designed to effectively train your technical team on the go.

For more information please contact our training department to secure your booking:




When upgrading an existing site to a new release of Portal, you must ensure that hardware matches the required Firmware Version. Firmware resides on the hardware and up to date file versions are locally stored. The Firmware Upgrade utility is used to carry out this process when prompted by the user.

Tip: A newly installed device may require a firmware downgrade to match an older software release or legacy site hardware. This is done by checking the force upgrade option.

Whilst the firmware to your device is being updated, your device will be out of operation for a brief moment. Thus, always wise to consider upgrading one device at a time, for a fully operational site.


Multi-Discipline readers

Multi-Discipline readers compliment an office space with their modern design.

MDR or MDK readers as more commonly referred to, support Wiegand connections to either the WMR (Wiegand reader module) or the legacy iTRT (Intelligent Twin Remote Terminal). This allows for a reader to door controller distance of up to 150m. Multi- Discipline readers support both 125KHz and 13.5MHz tag frequencies.

Other variations also include T&A versions such as the MDTA and BMTA.


Tech Tips 

• 1 Cluster Controller can manage 8 reader modules in plastic housing installations or 4 reader modules in the Integrated Power Supply configuration.

• S-Bus connection allows for up to 4 reader modules or 8 fixed addresses.

• Quick connector connections referred to as Clustering allows for up to 8 readers modules or 16 fixed addresses. 



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