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Reusable Rubber Traffic Island 

Parking Systems

Parking Systems

Modular Traffic Island with Accessories made from Recycled Rubber:

  • Centre Island End Mounting Plate

  • Centre Island Extension Mounting Plate

  • Centre Island End Assembly Rubber

  • Island slipway left

  • Island slipway right

  • Island turn 90 degrees left

  • Island turn 90 degrees right

  • Island expansion kit – to make the island wider for Pay Kiosk

  • Preformed metal mounting plate for items 5 – 9


For Pay Parking Systems to mount equipment on to e.g. Ticket Dispenser, Card Capture Units, Pay Stations, Pay Kiosks, Access Control Readers, Biometric Readers or any other systems that are used to open Boom Gates, Sliding Gates, Spike Barriers, Road Blockers, Speed Gates or any physical automated and non-automated access equipment.

System Features

Made from Steel & Recycled Rubber – Environmentally friendly

  • Re-usable – can be removed & re-installed

  • Portable:

a) 800mm (W) x 3800mm (L) x 150mm (H)

The Island weighs 329kg with biggest section weighing 109kg and smallest component weighing 2kg.

b) 600mm (W) x 3550mm (L) x 150mm (H)

Island weighs 252kg with biggest section weighing 44kg and smallest component weighing 2kg.

  • Durable enough to make it a permanent installation or to make it a temporary installation.

  • Can be installed onto concrete / paving / asphalt / dirt roads.

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

  • Rubber can be painted.

  • Rubber colour can be changed – black, grey, brown.

  • Easy installation:

4m island can be installed in under 2 hours (island only)

4 hours with 2 booms and 2 gooseneck stands

  • Rubber curb cannot damage motor vehicle rims

  • The entire island is 100% recyclable.

Card Capture Unit

Parking Systems


  • To capture visitor cards

  • Units do not read information on cards – the only acknowledge if a card is dropped into the card capture unit

  • Card capture unit can be used indoors & outdoors


  • In mild steel powder coated

  • 304 brushed stainless steel

  • Half height for turnstile & pedestal for vehicles

Parking Systems

Reserve Parking Posts

Parking Systems


  • To reserve a parking bay

  • To reserve disabled parking bays at shopping centres

  • Please note that this is not an anti-theft device

Available Options

  • Two models available

    • Built-in security lock

    • Lockable with padlock

  • Available: mild steel electroplated and powder coated

Parking Systems

Billboard Advertising Barrier

Product Description:

The first real Advertising Barrier designed for:

  • Ultra-High Traffic Flow

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • One on One Advertising

  • Direct Prime Advertising



  • Shopping Malls

  • Dealerships & Residential Estates

  • Industrial and Commercial use

  • Any area where advertising is required


Boomgate Systems, a company specialising in vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment, recently launched the first real advertising barrier. It’s a clever idea: the driver and passengers are sitting in their car anyway waiting to go through a parking boom, be allowed into a shopping centre, or exiting a secure facility. While they’re waiting, why not give them a message to absorb?

Parking Systems

This unique form of outdoor advertising lends itself well to large displays – signage can range from 2730mm right up to 3760mm wide. Height of the banner is 830mm.

Additionally, the light box on the barrier body can also carry advertising. Here the sizes are 400mm in width by 770mm in height.

Whether you’re regulating traffic, managing access control, or imposing high security restrictions, the Boomgate barrier ad offers both security, traffic flow management, and an option to target various consumer groups and generate income.

The barrier ad offering can integrate with any Access Control and Parking Management System and enables one-on-one prime advertising.

It is ideal for developments such as retail, casinos, and dealerships, as well as residential estates, industrial estates, and for commercial use.

Parking Systems


  • 3.2m up to 4.2m boom arm

  • Left- and right-hand configurations are available

  • Two models:

    • BA 800: (W) 450mm x (D) 360mm x (H) 1180mm

    • BA 806 (W) 800mm x (D) 420mm x (H) 1244mm


  • Motor and gearbox industrial strength with 288N·m torque.

  • Designed for reliability and long-lasting low maintenance between 5 million and 8 million cycles.

  • 100% Duty Cycle


  • 100% duty cycle 140w motor with maximum torque 288N·m.

  • Control Logic PC Board with Micro Processor auto fault-detect.


  • Loop Detector

  • Pressure sensor underneath boom arm

  • Boom arm will reopen in case of accidental contact with a person or vehicle

  • Barrier can interface with any access control or parking management system


  • Boom arm can be equipped with a jack knife kit to overcome height restrictions.

Note that the boom arm can be raised with crank handle when power is off and that the Light Box comes with adjustable digital timer.

Parking Systems
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