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Partner Program Tiers

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ASME Partner Program Tiers

Our partners are carefully selected, and their partner tier assigned according to their industry knowledge and demonstrated technical ability to implement our solutions and get results for their customers.

ASME monitors performance throughout the year and conducts an annual review of partner performance. Partners who achieved results exceeding their partner tier qualify and are eligible to be promoted to the next program level in the following year.

Certified System Integrator / Installer

This is the first level of ASME's Partner Program. which acknowledges ASME partners who are actively selling our solutions. Helping Installers become trusted advisors to their customers, this program delivers lower costs, improved productivity, increased sales opportunities, and sales support and enablement. The distinction of being a Certified System Integrator or Installer is the intense support from ASME to assist you and your company to grow to the next level. 

Value-Added Reseller

This is the second level of ASME's Partner Program and is purpose-built to support and grow our Value-Added Reseller businesses. Our VAR's have an in-depth understanding of and proven experience in the implementation and support of Access Control, CCTV, Video Management, Intercoms and Visitor Management systems. The VAR level rewards partners loyal to the ASME brand and are pro-actively promoting and selling our solutions as their prefferred platform, add value by combining their technology expertise along with services to design, plan and deploy sophisticated solutions to meet the technical and business needs of customers. This level provides additional status privileges such as sales leads, training discounts, priority technical support, and co-marketing opportunities and a limited number of VAR partners are accepted per region.


This is the highest level of the ASME's Partner Program and recognizes our partners who provide regional or national coverage and proactively promote and distribute ASME's video and access control products on all potential projects.

Our Distributors exhibit breadth to serve our regional customers and providea range of value-added services including carrying immediately available inventory, delivering authorized advanced-level technical training, offering first-level customer support, software development and project management services.

Distributors provide quarterly business strategy updates and demonstrate exceptional business performance to receive additional status privileges including the highest level of discounted pricing, the first option to sales leads, prioritized access to technical support services and co-marketing activities. A limited number of partners are accepted for this level. 

End User / Consulting Partner

This is a unique level of the ASME Partner Program that acknowledges high profile end-user partners who hold strategic value. Theseend-users typically generate exceptional business volume and have successfully completed ASME end-user operator-specific training courses.

These select end-users benefit from our Service Level Agreements, ASME consulting and project management services, access to prioritized technical support, custom development services, demo equipment, and project specific incentives.


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