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Petrochemical Security Systems

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Petrochemical Security Systems 

Customer Needs

Petrochemical Security Systems
  • Power with Flexibility - Access Control, CCTV, Visitor and Contractor Management & Biometrics

  • Full Functionality in Hostile Environments

  • Integration Capability

  • Real-Time Health-Monitoring and Optimal Uptime

Petrochemical Security Systems Applications

  • Crude oil, natural gas and petroleum 

  • Cosmetics

  • Fertilizers

  • Detergents

  • Synthetic fabrics and plastics

  • Asphalt


  • TBC

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ASME (Access & Security Middle East) are Authorized Regional Security Systems Distributor of an exclusive range of electronic security solutions for the Middle East and North Africa.


Our product portfolio consists of medium to high-end Access Control, Biometrics, Long Range Readers, ANPR, Card Printers, CCTV Cameras & NVR's, Video Management Software, GSM & WiFi Intercoms, and Visitor Management Systems.


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