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Access Portal Lite

Access Portal Lite is a small but very powerful system with a feature set that punches well above its weight.

It is a fully web-based system, so everything you need is at your fingertips. Remotely access software from the comfort of your home or office via your mobile device. Live transactions and information has never been so readily available. The advanced hardware is flexible enough to meet your most complex requirements and can expand when you need it too.


Up To 8 Anti-passback Doors

Up To 1 000 Tagholders

Up To 100 000 Buffered Transactions​​

Access Portal Basic

The free version of our class-leading Access Portal range, Access Portal Basic makes installing an access control solution easier than ever. With built in automatic software and hardware configuration, simplicity has reached a new height. No longer do you have to set up a database, or configure anything – the system does it all for you.

Another benefit is if your site increase in time, you’re able to seamlessly upgrade to the next Portal platform, with just a license key. This means no more migrating of databases, downtime and massive project plans. One click and you’re on your upgrade path.

Access Portal Basic provides a variety of standard reports, as well as the option to create your own customised reports. The system also allows for full biometric integration and is capped at 1,000 tagholders. 


1 000 Free software tagholders

Up to 8 anti-passback doors

Single Site

Full biometric integration

Customisable reports

Auto install for added simplicity

Access Portal Pro is one of the most scalable and flexible systems available - making it an obvious choice for your tailor-made access control needs.

The web based system operates on a single powerful platform that is exceptionally capable, yet simple to configure. The vast feature set opens up a broad number of application options with immense growth potential for one or multiple sites.
Access and view live information and customised web reports from your mobile device. Anywhere, anytime.


Up To 25 Sites per System

Up To 100 Anti-passback Doors per Site

Up To 5 000 Tagholders per Site

Up To 100 000 Buffered Transactions per Cluster Controller

Access Portal Pro

Access Portal Enterprise

Flexible, customisable and scalable. Access Portal Enterprise brings a new dimension to access control systems, by unleashing a new tier of functionality. No longer does the size of your site determine an Enterprise solution, but rather the business value that you require your access control system to deliver.

Convergence is where Access Portal Enterprise meets your needs, today and tomorrow. It’s all about “life after install”, where a broad spectrum of solutions are deployed throughout your organisation, but converge with Enterprise – this could be as simple as time & attendance, to logistics, production management and your supply chain.

Access Portal Enterprise is about complete control, regardless of site size – whether you’re one site, or one thousands sites, Enterprise is designed with you in mind. Integration is simply seamless!


Up To 2 500 Sites per System

Up To 5 000 Anti-passback Doors per Site

Up To 1 000 000 Tagholders per Site

Up To 5 000 000 Buffered Transactions per Application Controller

Advanced Features

Multi - Site Control

Access Portal is a multi-site access control software platform that communicates with readers and controllers at remote sites via data links, simplifying the management of building access control across multiple locations.
Features include:

  • Building entry management to cover multiple sites

  • Multiple time zones

  • Various access levels per site

  • Real-time on-line display of global events

Elevator Control

Our integration with lift destination control systems allows the operator to assign access levels per user and per lift to restrict access and movement of personnel between floors via card readers at all destination call stations.

All lifts have access control to prevent access to floors other than those which are permitted under their user rights. For instance a tenant on floor 5 cannot request the lift to go to floor 4.


The lifts are controlled via a card reader mounted on the destination control call button panel. This also applies to Firefighting and Service lifts.


The function of the elevator control system is to provide the following general restrictions:

· Unauthorised entry into stair cores at lower levels.

· Access to the lift lobby at reception level (hardwired solution or the capability through software only).

· Access control integrated into the Lifts destination control system.

· Restrict out of hours access into the main reception.

Custom Reports

Person and Asset Profiles

By creating asset profiles, you are able to track and maintain assets that are used on a particular site, such as vehicles, laptops and tools. This enables you to have better asset management and, at any given time, you can view the location of the asset and/or its assigned user.

Flexible System Design

Guard Tour

Our Guard Tour provides the facility to define a list of readers or inputs that a security guard must visit in a certain order and within a specified time period.

If the guard does not either swipe at a pre-configured card reader time or activate a pre-configured input within the guard tour parameters, an alert is sent to the LIVE! Dashboard and triggers an alarm.

The highlighted alarm on LIVE! responds to all situations in real time and provides a dynamic on-screen interface to external CCTV video systems. This allows administrators to visually monitor guards and ensure they are carrying out their duties.

The Guard Tour application also gives the option to temporarily suspend and resume a tour for instance, if there is an issue on the tour and a guard decides to investigate further, the tour can be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Guard Tour is a valuable resource for all companies who want to ensure their security guards are securing the premises as per procedures. This is a particularly useful tool for night time duties. Access Portal Guard Tour reports' provide the ability to report on all tours, a specific tour or a specific guard.

Key Features:

  • Early and late guard tour alarms can be generated to the LIVE! Dashboard.

  • Multiple tours can be configured for different areas.

  • Actions are not limited to card swipes and can include any input type, such as a key switch or push button.

  • Reports can be generated for the whole tour, not just on alarms.

  • Ability to assign multiple guards to a single tour.

  • Unlimited number of guard tours – multiple applications include contract cleaning services, maintenance schedules, and many more.


Our electronic system for the management of security patrols and scheduled tours offers full reporting and an audit trail, perfect for use across a variety of facilities including:


Aperio Wireless Locks


Aperio is an Assa Abloy technology that enables mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to the Impro Access Portal system.
The Aperio locks connect wirelessly to a communications hub which in turn connects via IP to the Access Portal software.
This allows for a cost effective low energy solution for doors with high security requirements

Milestone Video Management

Impro view in Milestone is now available with Live View. Offering a camera matrix view that will switch to the camera where a selected event happens.
Details of the event of cardholder will appear in the right hand corner with details to customise each Impro Access control view. 
Doors, Events and Cardholder groups that you wish to display can be configured and will be remembered by the system the each time you login.

Cathexis Video Management

Fully integrated with the Impro access control system.

The CathexisVision software communicates with the Impro Portal software.

Doors can be opened, emergency unlocked and locked down from the CathexisVision software.

Time & Attendance, HR and Payroll Systems

Tracking time and attendance is critical for all organizations, no matter its size or the methods used to determine employee pay. Having an automated time and attendance tracking system in place can help organizations across all industries save money and improve operations.

Time and attendance software can also be integrated with human resources management systems and payroll systems to simplify and streamline many functions within the organization. Access Portal is able to achieve these functionality through integration through its API(Application Programming Interface).

Logical Access

Logical access controls are tools and protocols used for identification, authentication, authorization, and accountability in computer information systems.

Portal offers support for Microsoft Active Directory and other protocols allowing for central issuing and revoking of user rights.

Integration to other 3rd party systems

ASME are available to assist with with all steps to achieve a successful third-party system integration to meet your requirements :

  • Defining Business requirements and the ground for integration

  • Risk Assessments

  • Studying of requirements

  • Scoping functional requirements

  • Usability, Reliability and Productivity

  • System support

  • Development from a prototype to the finished system

  • Quality and Testing​



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