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Access Control Software

The free version of our class-leading Access Portal range, Access Portal Basic makes installing an access control solution easier than ever. With built in automatic software and hardware configuration, simplicity has reached a new height. No longer do you have to set up a database, or configure anything – the system does it all for you.

Another benefit is if your site increase in time, you’re able to seamlessly upgrade to the next Portal platform, with just a license key. This means no more migrating of databases, downtime and massive project plans. One click and you’re on your upgrade path.

Access Portal Basic provides a variety of standard reports, as well as the option to create your own customised reports. The system also allows for full biometric integration and is capped at 1,000 tagholders. 


1 000 Free software tagholders

Up to 8 anti-passback doors

Single Site

Full biometric integration

Customisable reports

Auto install for added simplicity

access control software