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Access Control Software

Flexible, customisable and scalable. Access Portal Enterprise brings a new dimension to access control systems, by unleashing a new tier of functionality. No longer does the size of your site determine an Enterprise solution, but rather the business value that you require your access control system to deliver.

Convergence is where Access Portal Enterprise meets your needs, today and tomorrow. It’s all about “life after install”, where a broad spectrum of solutions are deployed throughout your organisation, but converge with Enterprise – this could be as simple as time & attendance, to logistics, production management and your supply chain.

Access Portal Enterprise is about complete control, regardless of site size – whether you’re one site, or one thousands sites, Enterprise is designed with you in mind. Integration is simply seamless!


Up To 2 500 Sites per System

Up To 5 000 Anti-passback Doors per Site

Up To 1 000 000 Tagholders per Site

Up To 5 000 000 Buffered Transactions per Application Controller

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