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Access Portal - IMPRO 433.92MHz and 125kHz Quad Transmitter

The ImproX (QT) Quad Transmitter is a 4-channel hand-held UHF as well as a passive keyring shape transponder Tag.
The Transmitter is designed to work with the ImproX RF 4-Channel UHF Receiver and with the Impro range of access control Readers. Each of the four Push-buttons is used to transmit a different channel identification code, with the Transmitter's ID, to the Receiver.
The ImproX 4-Channel UHF Receiver receives the data transmitted by the Quad Transmitter. The Receiver then outputs the UHF Tag ID and channel data to the Controller for decoding.
The Quad Transmitter can also work as a passive, read only, 125 kHz Tag for use with the ImproX range of Readers. In this application, the Push-buttons are not used.

An internal 3 V CR2032 lithium coin cell Battery powers the Transmitter.Key Features
· Dynamic Code Transmission Technology
· Small and rounded, gentle on your pockets
· Operates from its own power source (an internal 3 V CR2032 lithium
coin cell Battery)
· Transmits its own identity and each Push-button has a code identity
· The Receiver interfaces to access control systems.
· Operates four separate devices, for example, opening a gate
· Button Mapping:
- With the Quad Receiver connected to FlexiScan Controller, the four buttons (once “Added”) are each mapped to their respective relays.
- With the Quad Receiver connected to a UniScan Controller, all four buttons (once “Added”) are mapped to a single relay.
- When used with the Impro Quad Receiver two Push-buttons on the Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter are mapped. To use all four of the Impro (QT) Quad Transmitters Pushbuttons,
connect two Impro (iTRT) Intelligent Twin Remote Terminals, to the Impro Quad Receiver. Refer to the Installation Manual for more information on this feature.
· Maximum reliable UHF transmitter range is between 20 and 50 m (22 and 55 yd.), this is increased to between 50 and 100 m (55 and 109 yd.) when used in direct line of sight with the Impro Quad Receiver 
· RF passive range of 12mm to 50mm (0.5in to 2in)

Quad Transmitter
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