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Registration Access Control Reader

The Impro Multi-discipline Enrollment Reader is a compact, robust, enrollment reader designed to work with the Impro Access Portal Systems. New technology allows the Multi-discipline Enrollment Reader to read both 125 kHz and
13.56 MHz frequency Tags. The Impro MDE includes a four volume, single tone Buzzer and a bi-coloured Red or Green Status LED. The functions of the Buzzer and Status LED are controlled internally.

Key Features
• Suitable for OEM developments.
• A single bi-coloured Red or Green Status LED.
• Supports both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Tag types.
• CSN read capability from various Tag types: Slim Tags, Omega Tags, Impro Trinary Tags (1074 and 2074), Philips HITAG™ 1, Philips HITAG™ 2, HID Tags (H10301, H10302 and H10304), ISO 15693-2 iClass Tags, ISO 18092 FeliCa Tags and ISO 14443A
• A 4 kHz piezo-electric Buzzer.
• Zero downtime upgrade.

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