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Warrior™ Security Road Blockers - Rising Kerb Anti-Terror

The Warrior Security Road Blockers is an anti-ram device used to stop any unauthorised vehicle to enter a secure area. The Warrior Road Blocker is driven via a hydraulic drive mechanism with proximity sensors to determine the fully raised and lower positions to ensure safe usage of the system. The hydraulic power pack is enclosed in a steel cabinet which is normally installed in a secure area approx. 15m from the road blocker.

The electronic control system is by means of PLC with status monitoring software. Provisions are made for a robot to control traffic flow as an additional warning system. The Warrior Road Blocker can be controlled remotely to raise or lower the road blocker. It can be equipped with an accumulator so that the road blocker can be used in an event of a power failure. The Warrior Road Blocker has also an emergency raise input which can be used to raise the blocker very fast in an event of an emergency.

The Warrior Road Blocker is supplied with standard features but customised software is available on request. The Warrior Road Blocker can also be integrated with an additional security device like a traffic barrier to creating an interlock system which increases the security of the blocker. The Warrior Road Blocker can also be equipped with anti-tampering technology to prevent unwanted tampering of the road blocker. The Warrior Road Blocker comes standard with a hand pump to allow manual operation of the road blocker.

The Warrior Road Blocker can integrate with any access control system and is designed to be ultra reliable and durable. The Warrior Road Blocker is locally manufactured to international standards.


  • Banks

  • Car Parks

  • Commercial / Industrial Premises

  • Embassies

  • Military Installations

  • Security establishments

  • Toll roads

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • High risk cargo depots

  • Border posts

  • Cash handling depots







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