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The XSR is Impro Technologies’ third generation remote relay device comprising of a relay, and two sensor inputs.
The propriety S-Bus communication protocol allows bidirectional communication using 128 bit AES encrypted protocol over a distance of up to 150 metres between the host and the relay box.
Suitable for use in high-end as well as budget applications, the XSR may be connected (via SBus) to the ImproX Biometric Multi-discipline Time Attendance Reader (BMTA) – or to the entry-level UniScan and FlexiScan Controllers.
Note that the XSR’s Door Open Sensing feature is not available when controlled by the entry-level UniScan and FlexiScan Controllers.
Key Features
• Two Digital Inputs. These Digital Inputs let you interface with a variety of devices such as reed switches, push-buttons and alarm panels.
• Digital Inputs are user configurable and can perform specific tasks such as:
− Door Open Sensing.
− Request to Exit.
− Scanner Inhibit.
− Alarm Interface.
− Action Request.
• A single independent, single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) Relay. This Relay lets you interface with devices such as Strike Locks and Maglocks.
• Operation from power inputs in the range 8 V DC to 14 V DC.
• An excellent user interface consisting of five LED Status Indicators.
• A Software utility to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the S-Bus Relay Box.

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