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Uniscan - Controller

The Impro UniScan Controller is a cost-effective, entry-level single-door access controller – and your gateway into the electronic access control market.
The UniScan is a DIY-friendly solution to the costly exercise of replacing locks and keys when keys are lost or stolen.
A simple to use manual addition and deletion process allows Tags to be modified as and when desired.
The cost and convenience benefits of this little system speak for themselves. Users can choose whether they have Keypad 4-digit PIN entry, Passive Tag reading or Radio Tag operation (or any combination), by drawing from a growing list of compatible S-Bus Devices*:
• Impro (QR) Quad Receiver (For use with Impro (QT) Quad Transmitters)
• Impro (SKR) Scan Keypad Reader (This allows PIN code entry and is also able to read passive SLIM / EMM tags as well as the passive tags built into the Quad Transmitters.)
• Impro (XSR) S-Bus Relay Box (This is useful when a relay is needed some distance from the UniScan, allowing the UniScan to control a distant relay via S-Bus.)
*S-Bus Devices may be installed up to 150m away from the UniScan.

Key Features
• Cost Effective
• Simple Installation
• Easy to use
• Controls one access point
• 1 Relay
• Two 7-segment LED Displays
• 4 Externally accessible Programming Push-buttons
• Operates using a 12 V Power Supply
• Supports programmable Relay drive times of 1 to 99 seconds
• The Relay can be set to Toggle Mode
• Supports the Scan Keypad Reader and 433.92 MHz Quad Receiver


Flexiscan - Controller

The Impro FlexiScan is a reliable and modular access control system that eliminates the need for multiple remote controls or tags. It’s like the multi tool of access control systems, it is able to do it all in one.    

A single transmitter delivers multiple functions, with four separate outputs for equipment like alarms, automatic gates or electro-mechanical locks, as well as 4-digit PIN-code only access.

The frequency code transmitted is encrypted and totally secure, eliminating the risk of Tag code copying or interference with the signal.

This cost effective and easy to install system is ideal for small commercial and residential applications.

The system is completely configured on the controller, therefore there is no need for PC or software and it can support up to 99 tag holders with vehicle and personal access.

Uniscan & Flexiscan - Scan Keypad Reader

The Impro (SKR) Scan Keypad Reader is a compact, 125 kHz Tag Reader / Keypad, designed for use with the UniScan/FlexiScan Controllers.
Simple to use, the SKR features a 12-button alphanumeric Keypad for PIN-code entry, a single bi-coloured Red/Green Status LED and a single tone buzzer for status indication.
The 125 kHz Tag Reader and Keypad combination is housed in a tough ABS plastic enclosure.The SKR allows PIN Code and Passive Tag input to the UniScan/FlexiScan, entry-level access control solution.
The integrated 125 kHz tag reader and can read passive SLIM / EMM tags as well as the passive tags built into the key ring sized Impro Quad Transmitters.
The Tag Reader can be mapped to any one of four relay control channels - and up to four independent relay outputs may be controlled by PIN input via the key pad (when used with the FlexiScan Controller).

Key Features
• A single bi-coloured Red or Green Status LED.
• A single tone Buzzer.
• A 12-button alphanumeric Keypad.
• A 125 kHz Tag Reader

Uniscan & Flexiscan - 433MHz RF Receiver

The Impro (QR) Quad Receiver is a compact, lightweight, 4-Channel, 433.92MHz, RF Receiver - and part of the Impro Range of access control system products.

Entry-level customers should take note that the Quad Receiver also caters for small-scale private/commercial access control installations when used with the UniScan/FlexiScan Controllers.The Quad Receiver accepts 433.92MHz transmissions (either OOK or FSK modulation schemes) from the Hand-held Impro Quad Transmitter (TRK900).

RF Tag information is decoded within the Quad Receiver and then sent to the respective Terminal or Controller, for access control purposes.
Intended for indoor or outdoor use, the receiver’s electronics are conformal coated and contained in a black, glass-filled Nylon housing.
The HRR901 variant is designed for use with an external antenna (via SMA connector), where flexibility is needed for special requirements.

Key Features:
• Aids in vehicular traffic or domestic garage door or gate control
• Suitable for outdoor installation
• Diagnostic RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) LEDs for trouble shooting.
• Internal Antenna variant for a cost effective solution
• RF SMA connector variant for an external antenna, for sites with special requirements



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