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Advanced Security Solutions for Sea Ports and Harbors

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Advanced Security Solutions for Sea Ports and Harbors

Speed up the movement of cargo in a secure and safe environment

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With the many challenges facing international ports today, a reliable security system is required to deal with the thousands of employees, vendors, and visitors who pass through it every day.

At the forefront of such security concerns, and one of the most demanding issues, is integration into the existing systems, as large areas and facilities requiring public and restricted access need to be both monitored and well secured.


They are deployed at multiple locations around a port facility and improves the standard of a port facility’s security. These technologies include CCTV cameras, smart card and fingerprint readers, electronic gates, X-Ray machines, verification stations, and walk-through and hand-held metal detectors.


  • Shipyards and Harbors

  • Port Authorities

  • Container Terminals

  • Salvage Companies

  • Ferry and Cruise Terminals

  • Marinas and Inland Ports

  • Maritime Security and Cruise Ships

Powerful CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Sea Ports and Harbors

Our advanced Video Management Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements.

For Ports and Harbors, our open platform allows for a customizable solution that meets the demands of different applications, including security, traffic flow, and emergency services management.


We offer a unique and comprehensive bouquet of security services for ports and maritime security. With a significant portion of world trade transported by sea, the importance of surveillance security cannot be underestimated. Ports demand the very latest in CCTV surveillance technology maintain the highest levels of security.

Meeting Sea Ports and Harbors CCTV Surveillance Requirements

  • Effective security and surveillance management

  • Full functionality in high-risk environments

  • High-level control room environment

  • Restricted area employee and visitor management

  • Monitor container transportation traffic

  • Flexibility and scalability to accommodate facility expansion

  • Integration with goods scanning systems

  • Integration with weighbridges and access control


CCTV and Video Management Features

  • I.P and Analogue CCTV Hybrid Solutions with Megapixel Camera support

  • Smart Video Analytics - Object Counting, Analytics on vehicle movement and parking, Smart Video Motion Detection, Abandoned Object Analysis, Post Object Search, Line Crossing, Area Transgression, and Speed.

  • Analytics Software - specialized analytics devices provide triggers to the system, to notify a control room gateway, play unique audible notifications, move PTZ cameras to selected preset positions, send an alarm to a selected recipient, send an SMS or email, switch selected cameras to selected monitors, or switch a device on or off.

  • Third-Party Systems Integration - Capability to integrate various systems including IP Cameras, Access Control, Weighbridges, Perimeter Protection, License Plate Recognition, Alarm and Fire Panels, and Scanning Systems.

  • Remote and Multiple Site Management Capability - navigate multiple sites throughout the facility with site maps.

  • Failover for Complete System Redundancy.

  • Health Monitoring - The system provides continuous monitoring of all components, including hardware and software integrity, providing automated warnings of any possible impending failure. Maintenance engineers can perform corrective maintenance before the system fails.

  • Centralized Alarm Management - operators can initiate immediate corrective action by assigning relevant resources.

  • Advanced Operator Control - navigate and select sites, drag-and-drop cameras to selected monitors, control outputs and move PTZ cameras.

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Effective Access Control Solutions for Sea Ports and Harbors

The objective of any large-scale international port with multiple entrances and gates is to permit controlled accessibility for ease of movement for visitors and workers alike.

To cope with the requirements of highly demanding day-to-day business processes for thousands of people coming in and out of the port every day an access control system is an invaluable tool that all ports need to manage pedestrian movement.


Our smart access control system is primarily used for worker and visitor identification and incorporates smart cards with fingerprint biometrics and digital photos of the worker.

Meeting Sea Ports and Harbors Access Control Requirements

  • Simplified Access Control for to protect critical assets of the facility

  • Protect people, property, information, and reputation

  • Identify people swiftly and managing different policies for port access

  • Free flow of people traffic from critical entry and exit points

  • Secure areas requiring varying levels of security and prevent unwanted access

  • Handle the day-to-day business of seaports based on large volumes of freight transport.

  • Deny employees access based on custom rules i.e., based on their temperature readings, or if occupancy limits have been reached.

  • Protect sensitive data - only administrators with strict access rights can view the data.

  • Flexible workplace capacity management - set capacity limits as a whole or for individual spaces.

  • Monitor visitor and employee check-ins, deliveries and manage on-site security personnel in real-time.


Access Control Features

  • Secure and flexible - enhanced usability and security of exchanging information between distributed sensors and the access control management software for seaports.

  • Facilitate effective access control - system interacts with sensors, manage multiple access policies, track users through the seaport, enhancing security.

  • Modular access control – our solution combines physical and logical identification systems capable of merging many pieces of information into third-party systems.

  • User access rights provisioning - upload employee lists for real-time synchronization to the system and your locations.

  • Central server - implements authorization decisions and executes them through a smart control system with offline redundancy.

  • Upload and store documentation and pictures - ability to upload both documents and pictures to the system.

  • Open doors with QR codes across several checkpoints and locations within the port.

  • Insights from pre-built graphs - track building occupancy per space, peak times, and adherence to access policies.

  • Screen visitors against watchlists – alerts if a visitor's details are similar or identical to your internal watchlist.

  • Capture visitor photos - print visitor photos badges pre or on arrival for easier visual identification.

  • Generate Emergency lists - available for employees and visitors.

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