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MorphoAccess SIGMA Series 

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MorphoAccess SIGMA Series 

MorphoAccess SIGMA Series 

For many organizations, access control has a key role to play in the security of buildings, while time & attendance data is vital for HR applications, such as payroll and personnel management. The MorphoAccess SIGMA Series meets both these needs with a range of advanced fingerprint identification terminals.

Their modern design, including colour touchscreen, embedded web server and IP-based videophone functions, provides a tablet-like user experience allowing for a broad range of applications, customization and user interaction. IP651 rated, the readers can be deployed across multiple environments, either indoors or outdoors.

IDEMIA's world #1 fingerprint algorithms deliver fast one-to-many matching against a single 100K user database, a first in the industry. These ground-breaking devices also include anti-fraud features such as fake finger and face detection for enhanced security. In addition, they support one-to-one authentication using the most widely deployed contactless smartcard technologies.

A specific variant meeting TWIC2 requirements is available.

1 Protected against dust & against water spray from all directions
2 Transportation Worker Identification Credential: a tamper- and counterfeit-resistant biometric smart card credential issued by U.S. Transport Security Administration

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