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Portal Readers - Biometric Multi-discipline Time and Attendance (BMTA)

time and attendance

The Biometric Multi-discipline Time and Attendance (BMTA) reader is a compact biometric solution that is specially engineered for time and attendance applications.

In addition to the onboard fingerprint reader, the device is capable of reading a multitude of
tag types making it ideal for new or existing applications as there is no need to replace your existing tags – often a drawback in upgrading sites. The unit also makes use of three unique identifiers, being finger, tag and pin, along with any combination of the three for enhanced security.
The BMTA’s LED screen facilitates the sending of messages to specific individuals or groups of people, and can be personalised to your specific needs. The BMTA is also available in an OEM version with a touch capable LED screen, for system integrators.
The reader can be used for time and attendance transactions only, or alternatively, can be connected to an Impro XSR relay, to drive relays as well as inputs, where access control
is required. This has the benefit of being able to place the relay for the reader on the secure side of the door, vastly increasing security.
The BMTA seamlessly integrates into both the IXP and Access Portal ranges and can communicate via both TCP/IP and RS485.
Other features of the reader include:
∙ Three year warranty
∙ Reads nine tag types and supports both 125kHZ and 13.56MHz
∙ Ability to upgrade firmware in the field, with no downtime 
∙ Single BMTA can be used as an entrance and exit reader
∙ Ability to arm and disarm an alarm panel
∙ Offline capability

Portal Readers - Multi-discipline Time and Attendance (MDTA)

time and attendance

The (MDTA) Multi-discipline Time Attendance Terminal is designed for a wide variety of uses.

The ImproX MDTA Terminals applications include:

  • Time and attendance

  • Access control  

  • OEM custom requirements.

  • A 240 x 320 Pixel, 65 K Colour, Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD).

  • A 12-button Keypad.

  • A single-tone, 4-level volume (including off) adjustable Buzzer.

  • Operation from power inputs in the range 8 V to 14 V DC.

  • A Software utility to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the Terminal and with zero downtime.

New technology allows the ImproX MDTA to read both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency Tags. These Terminals therefore fit seamlessly into new or existing applications allowing you to upgrade Tag technology without replacing existing Tags. You can use the ImproX MDTA in both indoor and outdoor (dry) environments. The ImproX MDTA offers a 12-button Keypad allowing PIN-code entry, and a 4-level, single tone Buzzer. You can control the functions of the Buzzer to suit the needs of your application.

CSN read capability from various Tag types: Omega Tags, Impro Trinary Tags (1074 and 2074), Philips HITAG™ 1, Philips HITAG™ 2, HID Tags (H10301, H10302 and H10304), ISO 15693-2 iClass Tags, ISO 18092 FeliCa Tags and ISO 14443A MIFARE® Tags.

CAUTION: The ImproX MDTA Terminal does not support the use of HID 1346 Proxkey II Tags. 

time and attendance

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