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ASME Accredited Partner Program: Training for Success

The ASME Accredited Training Program is aimed at raising the level of installation standards for our products across the region and our re-evaluation process ensures that our partners are kept up-to-date with new features, products and software versions. 

ASME provides comprehensive sales, installer and operator training programs to various market segments covering Hardware Installation, System Maintenance and Software Operations.


Our on-site training is practical and hands-on so as to guarantee a high standard of understanding and ensure that our partners are trained to the highest standard, with all the skills required to install our systems with ease and accuracy. 


The benefits of having the training accrediation are as following:

  • On completion of the training you will be added to our preferred partners list –these are companies to whom we refer our clients to for projects, tenders and maintenance contracts.

  • You will receive exclusive access to our partner portal that contains marketing material, techncial resources and industry news.

  • Free telephonic, email and remote support as an accrediated partner. Companies that do not have technicians trained by us will be billed for these services.

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​Phone: +971 488 72595


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​Postal: ASME DWC-LLC, PO Box 712717, Dubai South, United Arab Emirates

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