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uhf receiver

The Impro (QR) Quad Receiver is a compact, lightweight, 4-Channel, 433.92MHz, RF Receiver - and part of the Impro Range of access control system products.

Entry-level customers should take note that the Quad Receiver also caters for small-scale private/commercial access control installations when used with the UniScan/FlexiScan Controllers.The Quad Receiver accepts 433.92MHz transmissions (either OOK or FSK modulation schemes) from the Hand-held Impro Quad Transmitter (TRK900).

RF Tag information is decoded within the Quad Receiver and then sent to the respective Terminal or Controller, for access control purposes.
Intended for indoor or outdoor use, the receiver’s electronics are conformal coated and contained in a black, glass-filled Nylon housing.
The HRR901 variant is designed for use with an external antenna (via SMA connector), where flexibility is needed for special requirements.

Key Features:
• Aids in vehicular traffic or domestic garage door or gate control
• Suitable for outdoor installation
• Diagnostic RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) LEDs for trouble shooting.
• Internal Antenna variant for a cost effective solution
• RF SMA connector variant for an external antenna, for sites with special requirements

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